how to unlock beko induction hob

How To Unlock Beko Induction Hob?

how to unlock beko induction hob

When attempting to connect a Beko Induction HOB, you may encounter that it is locked. There are several reasons for this, but many simple steps can help you unlock the hob and start cooking your favorite dishes.

This article will discuss how to unlock the Beko Induction Hob properly. You will know what steps to take if you experience a locking problem and which buttons to press to unlock the hob. It also provides some useful tips that will help prevent similar issues in the future.

The unlocking process may take some time, but if you follow the step-by-step manual, you will soon be enjoying a delicious meal with your Beko Induction Hob.

How to Properly Unlock Beko Inductive Hob: Step-By-Step Instructions

The Beko Induction Hob is one of the most well-known ones on the market. It has many advantages over traditional electronic and gas hob plates, but users may face the challenge of locking them.

The lock feature prevents the user from having to turn the hob on when cleaning one room or moving from one room to another. In this case, the Beko Inductive HOB must be unlocked for further use.

Follow the correct procedure for unlocking the Beko Guidance HOB

  • Press and hold the “lock” button on the hob. The “lock” button is usually on the hob’s control panel and can be marked with a final icon.
  • Wait a few seconds for the hob to unlock. As a rule, the control panel monitor will display the well-known word or icon.
  • Release the “Lock” button when the unlock message appears on the HOB monitor.
  • Check to see if the Beko Guidance HOB is unlocked. To do this, press the button on the HOB’s control panel. If the switch works, the hob is unlocked and ready for use.

This step-by-step manual allows you to easily unblock the Beko Induction Hob and continue cooking sweet delicacies.

Beko-guided hobs can be locked in a variety of ways

Let’s take a closer look at them all

  • External Error Detection – If the system detects an error that could affect its effectiveness, the hob will be mechanically locked for protection. In this case, contact a maintenance specialist.
  • Mishandling – The system can lock the hob if an erroneous operation occurs. This way, the button can easily be moved, leading to a lock.
  • Accidental Cracking – Pressing the panel button can lead to a lock. In this case, the pavement must be unlocked.

To ensure safety reasons, it is recommended that you consult an expert and install the configuration on the panel before solving the locking problem yourself.

Overheating the hob

Beko induction hob overheating is one of the most dreaded problems users encounter. Technical reviews and professional advice have confirmed this. In most cases, panel overheating is caused by incorrect operation and poor craftsmanship, especially when purchasing counterfeit products.

Wrong options, incorrect choice of cookware, and accelerated warming through their placement can all cause panels to overheat. For example, placing an empty or somewhat excessive pan on the sidewalk will cause the air in the pan to heat up faster and overheat.

Many symptoms can indicate overheating. Corrective symptoms of overheating include the Wrong effect of electronics, interruption of power, overheating of the inner surface of the hob, and buzzing fans.

If the Beko induction hob overheats, it must be stopped immediately. Remove the plug from the socket and allow the device to cool down. If the situation repeats itself, the service center must be contacted.

Non-specific sensors

A non-specific sensor is a device used to measure different characteristics. He responds to all requirements but cannot determine precisely which parameters are measured.

Despite the fact that measurements are not exactly taken into account, anomalous sensors play an important role in all kinds of applications. Often they are used in situations where measures need to be taken without any special requirements for accuracy, for example, to check the moisture in a space or to determine the water temperature in a swimming pool.

When special sensors are unavailable, unusual ones can be used temporarily. For example, if there is no preferred sensor available to measure the thickness of the film, a remarkable sensor can be used to give a sense of closeness.

In general, unusual sensors are versatile devices that can measure any property that does not require the highest precision. Convenience lies in the fact that one device can be used to measure different properties in different environments.

Unlocking the HOB

To unlock the Beko Inductive HOB, follow the easy step-by-step manual.

Step 1: Press the lock button on the control panel for 3-5 seconds. The lock button is usually color coded or marked with a special symbol.

Step 2: After pressing the button, the screen will display a message that the lock has been successfully unlocked. The unlock light on the panel will also burn to indicate that the panel is unlocked.

Step 3: After unlocking the panel, verify that all parts of the operating system function properly. If the panel has any previously used functions or options, re-configure them.

In some cases, the unlock instructions may vary by model or panel function. In such cases, refer to the operating instructions or service documentation.

If you follow Simple Instruction Magazine, you can quickly and easily deblock your Beko Induction HOB and continue using it without any problems.

If that didn’t help

Step 1: Turn off the power

Before you can unblock the Beko Inductive HOB, you must disconnect it from electronic power.

To do this, you can either press the switch button on the control panel or switch the table via the socket. Wait until the indicator on the panel stops flashing and fading. This indicates that the power is completely off.

It is not recommended to continue the unlocking process if the walkway is not completely disconnected from the main. This could damage the panel or cause electronic shock. Take care not to break safety standards!

Step 2: Use the special button

To unlock the Beko Induction HOB, use the special buttons on the control panel.

Note that the purpose and number of these buttons may vary depending on the model of the hob; it is recommended that you read the user manual before unlocking the HOB.

Unlocking a hob usually requires pressing and holding certain buttons in a specific order. For example, on some Beko models, the “+” and “-” buttons must be pressed simultaneously for 5-10 seconds.

If you need help determining which buttons you need to use or which buttons you need to press, refer to the instructions for the HOB model.

Step 3: Follow the instructions

Before working with the Beko brand, you must read the instructions carefully. Unlocking procedures may vary by model. Pay attention to the assistance features and modes of operation described in the brochure.

Refer to the manual and follow the correct procedure to unlock the Beko Guidance HOB. With some models, certain buttons must be held down for several seconds. Other buttons require you to touch certain parts of the HOB again. Do not attempt to unlock the HOB by trial and error. This may cause malfunctions.

Call a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the HOB if the manual does not help and the problem persists. Do not use the HOB during a malfunction. This is unsafe and may damage the device.

Remember, correct use and maintenance of the Beko Hob will extend its life and ensure the safety of your home. Follow the instructions and do not break the manufacturer’s advice.

Wrong E0

Error E0 on the Beko Induction HOB indicates that power from the control unit is not reaching the generator. This can have several causes

  • Flong in the control unit.
  • Single contact between switch cabinet and alternator.
  • Failure of the alternating current dynamo.

First, check to see if the induction stove is plugged in. If this does not solve the problem, unplug the power cord, wait 5-10 minutes, and plug it in again; if the E0 error persists, contact a service technician to diagnose and repair the device.

To avoid the possibility of malfunction, always monitor the induction stove and inspect it regularly.


There are several possible reasons why your Beko induction stove may not be working properly or cannot be used.

– Incorrect use – If the wrong buttons are pressed or the instructions for use are not followed, the stove clogs are at risk.

– Panel malfunction – Occasionally, a panel can malfunction and cause a clog. For example, this could be due to the touch panel or cables mishandling.

– Software – Some models of induction stoves are mechanically upgraded and the software can “lock” the stove. In this case, you must reset it or call a service center.

Each of these cases requires its own solution. It is important to verify the model of the IH stove before removing the lock, as the procedure for removing the lock varies by model.

How to release the lock

Sometimes, the Beko induction stove may not operate properly after removing the lock. If this occurs, take the appropriate steps as follows.

  • Ensure that the stove is appropriately connected to the electronic circuit. Check that the fuse box has not tripped due to overload.
  • Verify that kitchen tools are properly placed on the walkway. Some grounded accessories may affect panel operation.
  • Check for damage to panel surfaces and kitchen equipment. This damage could cause the panel to malfunction.
  • Verify that the panel specifications are set correctly. If the setting memo is corrupted, the panel may malfunction.
  • Remember to disconnect the panel from the main power supply and reset it by turning it on again. This may help remove the panel.

Take the following precautions

To avoid health hazards, unlock the induction hob only after all functions have stopped and the hob has cool.

Always read the stove’s user manual before unlocking it. If in doubt, refer to the user manual.

Always switch off the stove and ensure that the stove is completely cool before unlocking.

Also, remember to wear gloves to protect your hands from overheating and burns, especially if the induction hob is not yet excellent.

We also recommend not using strong, chemically aggressive detergents when cleaning the induction cooktop during or after use to avoid damage to the induction cooktop.

To unlock your induction hob as well as to keep it in good condition for a long time, please follow these general safety rules.

Cleaning the stove

To ensure optimal operation of your Beko induction stove, clean your Beko after each use; the induction stove heats up instantly and can cause stains and spills on the surface if not removed immediately. Use only recommended cleaning products, as abrasive cleaners can damage the stove.

The best way to clean an induction stove is to use a special stove cleaning cloth. These are usually sold with glass-ceramic stoves at specialized stores. If a fabric is unavailable, use a mild detergent diluted with water.

Do not use abrasive brushes or sponges to clean the induction stove, as they may scratch the surface. Also, do not use abrasive detergents such as toothpaste or degreaser; they may scratch the surface and damage the paint.

There is a high risk of damage if the induction stove is not cleaned regularly. Do not panic if stubborn stains or fabrics are stuck to the surface. In such cases, we recommend using specific products for cleaning cooking surfaces available at appliance stores.

Remember that systematically cleaning your Beko induction stove is not only a way to keep it clean but also the key to prolonging its life and protecting it during use.

Answers to Questions

Q: How do I unlock my Beko induction stove?

A: To unlock your Beko induction stove, ensure the stove is switched off. Then press and hold the hob block button for a few seconds until you hear an audible tone indicating that the hob is unlocked.

Q: Which key must be pressed to unlock the panel?

A: To unlock the Beko induction stove, press and hold the lock button for several seconds until you hear a beep. This is usually the lock button on the control panel.

Q: Why can’t I connect an induction cooktop?

A: If you cannot connect your Beko induction stove, make sure it is electrically connected and built into the socket. Also, check that there is no power failure. If all is well, remember to unplug the stove and turn it off for a few minutes.

Q: How should I clean my Beko induction stove?

A: To clean your Beko induction stove, use a soft material or a sponge dampened with water and stove detergent. Never use stiff brushes or abrasive cleaning to avoid damaging the hob surface.

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