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Induction vs Gas Hob Running Costs in the UK: What’s Cheaper?

Have you had a nice Easter holiday? I have. Here, in Lincoln, it’s special due to our traditional Egg Hunts and food festival. Of course, your four-day Easter celebration was amazing! It would not be so brilliant without your scrummy specialty dishes. Comparing induction vs gas hob running costs in the UK, you find out if it was wasteful. What about the way you prepare your favourite traditional food at home? Let’s think about the time we spend on cooking, heat transfer, and efficiency. Yet, your utility bills should not be enormous. Do you want to save on electricity or natural gas? An ideal cooktop helps you with it. Which one to choose? Find simple research and a detailed guide below.induction vs gas hob

What is the Best Type of Hob?

I hope, your Easter celebration was great. Special events, crafts and activities might inspire you. But, of course, it couldn’t go without a Bunny brunch and food Festival. In Lincoln Castle, these events were especially pleasant and entertaining. The family-family atmosphere delighted the kids.

What did they like the most? My little munchkins enjoyed both egg decorating and the hunt. They liked live music and outdoor games. What about the Easter feast? It would make any cheeky fidgets calm down and skive. What are your favourite culinary delights to cook for Easter?

They should definitely include:

  • roast lamb;
  • glazed baked ham;
  • boiled eggs;
  • Easter bread or Simnel cake;
  • Marzipan carrots;
  • Bunny cupcakes.

Of course, you can make all of these dishes, including chocolate cakes at home. It’s a doddle if you use a safe, efficient, and quick-to-cook hob. When you need to make all of your Easter dishes jiffy, it’s important. Traditional gas and innovative induction hobs are brilliant in this sense. There are also some other aspects to consider.

Is Your Ace, Modern Hob Quick and Efficient?

You might like your kitchen design and functionality. Even if it’s tiny, comprising 41 sq. ft. or so, you may enjoy cooking. Is your kitchen free-standing or just an area in a studio? Anyway, it should include a sink, a cooker, and a fridge. What about the table? If you have a garden, outdoor dining in an alcove is a pleasure.

What about your cooker? In terms of the type, it may look like this:

  • versatile gas;
  • sturdy solid plate;
  • clean ceramic or halogen;
  • responsive induction device.

What is the difference between ceramic and induction hobs? Knowing the answer, you make your decision quickly. Both cooktops have a shiny, modern look. Energy efficiency and safety aspects are important. Keep in mind that one ceramic hob ring consumes 1.65 kW per hour. The wattage of an innovative induction ring is 1.95 kW, on average.

Which one is cheaper to run? Based on the figures above, a ceramic cooktop should win the game. Yet, cooking speed makes a difference. Induction hobs are quick, more responsive, and, therefore, energy-efficient.

what is best type of hob for cooking

Which Is Cheaper to Run: Gas or Induction Hob?

If you live in a small city, like Lincoln, you might still rely on natural gas lines. Let me say, in 2021, 86.03% of households in Lincolnshire used a central heating option. The medium figure for the UK makes 77%. You might enjoy the energy source, as it’s convenient and versatile.

Gas cookers are quick to heat up and easy to control. How would you roast meat for your Easter feast or another holiday? A kind of open fire is necessary to prepare it. Gas hobs are also brilliant for simmering and frying your scrummy food. They let you prepare your culinary delights proficiently. Gas hobs provide ace, even heat distribution.

Yet, the UK government initiates replacing gas heating systems in new homes after 2025. It’s topical and necessary to:

  • reduce harmful carbon emissions;
  • cut greenhouse gas (methane) releases into the atmosphere;
  • eliminate common hazards of fires, leaks, and explosions;
  • increase safety, avoiding accidental burns.

If you have little children, you might be nervous about their health and safety. Cost efficiency of your cooktop or hob is another important concern.

Do You Like Your Simple and Versatile Gas Hob?

You might get used to them if you have traditional gas appliances and cookers. They heat small or large homes quickly. Do you hesitate to turn the hob on? It’s easy peasy, simple to understand. Above all, old devices require matches to ignite a spark. On the other hand, newer, innovative ones have an automatic ignition feature, including a spark control knob.

Your old, ricky-tick cooktop seems to be quick, easy to control, and use. It suits all types of cookware and materials. Can you use induction pans on gas? Commonly, it’s possible. All your available pots and pans are applicable. You don’t have replace them, and it’s positive for your budget.

Yet, your old-shoe gas cookers are:

  • tricky to clean;
  • dangerous due to open fire;
  • dependable on gas supply lines;
  • may look heavy or old-style.

What about your utility expenses? Fossil fuel seemed to be significantly cheaper than electricity. It was cheap and cheerful before the current energy crisis.

is natural gas efficient to run hob

Is Natural Gas Efficient to Run?

If you use your traditional cooker for yonks, you might feel jammy. But, it’s intuitive and straightforward to use. It allows even frying. So, you can prepare a brilliant traditional English breakfast every morning. Open fire is quick, able to boil a large, 10-pint pan of water within 8-9 minutes.

A modern, induction hob needs only about 4 minutes to complete the task. A gas appliance heats up immediately, without wasting your precious time. Is fossil fuel really cheaper to run? It was cheap and cheerful, averaging £2.50 per therm. Let me say, the median tariff in Lincolnshire was about £2.20/ therm in 2021.

Converting it into wattage, we get about 4 pounds/kWh. The average electricity cost in the UK was about £17.2/ k Wh. Yet, energy efficiency is not the same. Based on the water-boiling test, it makes only 32%. Induction hobs are about 74% more powerful and cost-efficient. Unfortunately, the minging energy crisis also makes difference.

Is Induction More Expensive than Gas?

is induction cooking more expensive than gas

If you are still using your old gas cooktop, it’s a normal thing. I think it meets your holiday feast preparation needs in the best way. How would you make a barbequed roast lamb without it? A specialty dish like Jersey Royal Potato requires roasting. A crispy crust and creamy interior make it scrummy.

Yet, if you use a gas cooktop for yonks, it can make your traditional cleaning to be a nightmare. A thick, black scarf covers the surface, being a horrible pain to clean. Open fire typically causes it, emitting minging fumes, and polluting your indoor air. If you have little children, wishing to teach them to cook, it might be dangerous for them.

Why don’t you switch to a modern, induction hob? A device of this kind is:

  • responsive;
  • sleek and stylish by design;
  • easy to control;
  • safe;
  • energy-efficient.

Its glossy surface remains cool, emitting less heat to your cosy kitchen. A stylish induction hob itself might be more expensive than a gas device. Yet, it’s safe to touch and cost-efficient.

Are Induction Hobs Cheaper to Run than Gas?

In terms of usability and cooking speed, gas and ace induction hobs are the best options. They are similar in performance and versatility. But, a modern induction device is still about 2 times faster! In addition, it comes with an ace, touch-sensitive control, and several useful features.

Are you planning to switch to an induction hob? You would certainly do it, moving to a new flat or house. If you get a unit as a gift, you are jammy. Why don’t you buy it for yourself? A new, space-saving device may cost a bomb. A median price of a great induction hob is about £500. A traditional gas unit costs about £200. Yet, it pays its way very soon.

Let’s compare the cooking methods. Before 2020-2021, gas hob running costs were low. They commonly made:

  • about 4 pounds per hour;
  • up to £8 per day;
  • only 28-29 pounds per year.

Annual running costs of a brilliant, induction device were up to £50. The current energy crisis turns things around.

Do Induction Cooktops Use More Electricity in the UK?

Ace gas hobs, heaters and appliances were the cheapest to run in the past. Do you remember the times when gas was cheap and cheerful? You may still prefer traditional cooking methods. Gas cookers provide quick heat and give you full, brilliant temperature control.

You can easily weaken or intensify the flame according to your cooking needs. So what do you like in your traditional, old-shoe device? Using gas, your household could pay only £45-55 per month to your energy company. It was about half the price the users of electricity used to pay.

Nowadays, things are changing. In April 2022, household gas bills become 81% higher. The increase in electricity prices is about 36%. Since January 2021, gas prices in the UK have increased by 250%. They are 70% higher now than in August 2021. The wholesale gas price of £4.50 per therm is enormous.

Since April 2022, your monthly energy bill might make about £164. An average UK household pays it. Brilliant induction hobs help you save on electricity.

Do Chefs Prefer Gas or Induction?

Commonly, they like cooking on gas. It’s easy to find the necessary temperature. The burner gets incredibly hot when you need it. Some dishes like prawns or spaghetti stand require flaming instead of simmering. Professional chefs like the responsiveness of direct flame.

Yet, it depends on their previous experience. Professional chefs may develop their skills for induction. What kind of hob will you use for a catering job? A portable induction device makes miracles. Chefs love its ace glass-ceramic surface and precise heat control.

Quick, exact, successful, brilliant, induction hobs win the market. Only the traditional gas cookers can compare with them. What about conventional electric or ceramic hobs? In comparison with innovative cooking surfaces, they are negatively:

  • long to cool down and heat up;
  • not completely safe;
  • slow to respond;
  • not too energy-efficient;
  • more expansive to run.

The cooking surfaces might be similarly aesthetically pleasing. Yet, no ceramic or induction hob can offer quick warming speed. It doesn’t provide the immediate response professional chefs need. Ace induction hobs are their modern choice.

What are the Disadvantages of Induction Hobs?

Proficient and space-saving induction devices hit the aim. Their sleek, glossy surface is simple to clean. Most importantly, it remains cool, transferring heat to only your magnetic pan or pot. Besides, it’s easy peasy to wipe it after cooking, as well as the cookware bottoms. Induction is fast, safe, and efficient.

Professional chefs adore clean air in their kitchens. They support sustainable options, and running costs are also important. Innovative induction hobs are winners in these terms. But, unfortunately, convenient electric cookers won’t compete. Consuming about the same 1.65 kW/hour, they would make you miffed.

The reason is it takes up to 20 minutes to boil water on an electric hob. So, it consumes several times more electricity than an ace, innovative device. It’s slow to warm up, simmer down and adjust. Yet, a brilliant induction hob is:

  • dangerous for elderly people with pacemakers;
  • a tad noisy;
  • easy to scratch;
  • not possible to char or roast meat.

It costs you a pretty penny to invest in new, magnetic-base cookware, to buy and install the hob. Yet, it’s worth it.

what are the pros and cons of induction hobs

Gas and Induction Hob Combined: Is it an Ideal Option?

Moving into a new house or flat, you may have only a few cooker choices. It may have no connection to a gas grid. Our government bans gas heaters and radiators since 2025. Do you feel jammy about it? Your new home is super clean and heat-efficient! It does not harm the environment.

What about gas hobs? Some counties may still allow them. Will you use it with a gas bottle or cylinder? Maybe, in your campervan only. If you have got a gas supply line, you are completely free to decide. Anytime, you can switch to an innovative cooking top or use a combined induction and gas device.

This option (so-called domino):

  • gives you maximum cooking flexibility;
  • suits small kitchens;
  • allows full versatility;
  • saves up to 20% of energy.

Modular devices save you time and kitchen space. It lets you cook any dishes you want: healthy and fried ones. It’s a doddle even in a rush. A quick, and energy-efficient option allows it.


I hope you have had a great Easter celebration. What was so special about it? You might like festive events in your native city or just an opportunity to skive. Your seasonal feast should make it brilliant. What about your culinary delights? These scrummy dishes might please your children and close ones.

Did you spend a lot on Easter? Your celebration and gifts shouldn’t cost you a bomb. I hope also your energy bill won’t be a minging surprise for you. Is it easy to save on gas and electricity nowadays? During the energy crisis, it’s not a doddle. Investing in an energy-efficient gas or induction hob, you cope with the task. Which cooking device is cheaper to run? Till the middle of 2021, a gas device was. Nowadays, both hobs are similarly brilliant. Just choose a modern, feature-rich, responsive cooker and enjoy its ace performance.

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