secret to great smelling laundry

5 Brilliant Secrets to Great Smelling Laundry

secret to great smelling laundry

How do you feel these days? When spring begins, you would like to be a tad cheerful. Mild days with ace blooming vegetation and blue skies lift your spirit. Natural fresh perfumes in the air make you feel optimistic and friendly. What about your own clothes? They shouldn’t have minging musty or damp odours. How to prevent them? I’ll reveal several bee’s knees secrets to great smelling laundry for you. It depends on your detergent, softener or fabric conditioner. Of course, you can add your favourite scent. Several other factors like water temperature, cycle and load make a difference. Knowing how to make your fashionable clothes smell fresh, laundry is a doddle.

Why Doesn’t My Clothes Smell Good After Washing Them?

If you think you should do laundry very often, it’s not completely right. In winter, when the weather is cold, you sweat less than in summer. Outdoor clothes like jackets and coats require only one laundry per season. How often do you wash your durable or posh jeans? According to the survey, 4% of Britons do it only once a year.

The fabrics you wear close to your skin like underwear or socks are a different story. So are your toddler’s things. It includes bedding, soft undress and sleepwear. Wash them every day to prevent bacteria that cause minging smells. Do your little munchkin’s trousers smell musty even after a wash? Let’s try to find the reason and solve the difficulty.

1.wrong detergentreplace and dose it properly
2.washer overloadingseparate and weigh your thick clothes
3.water temperatureincrease it for natural, durable fabrics
4.smelly drawsspray your closet
5.dirty washer’s interiorclean it

These simple tips and tricks might work wonders. Let’s delve into their details.

How Can I Get My Laundry to Smell Really Good?

Washing your clothes and bedding as often as possible is reasonable. This way, you make these fabrics feel and smell fresh. In spring, this wish is especially strong. Light and airy fresh smells might become your favourite scents. Would like to feel closer to your loved ones and friends, embracing them?

how can make my laundry smell good uk

Ease of social distancing restrictions allows it nowadays. Yet, the smell of musty clothing or your body might hold you back from hugging. Research revealed it makes 36% of Brits feel unattractive or unhappy. How to avoid it? Of course, you can add you’re a fresh scent to your fashionable clothes.

Do it simply, deodorizing your:

  • body;
  • laundry;
  • draws and closet;
  • clean and dry clothes.

Aromatic sticks or several drops of ace essential oil make your cosy gaff smell better. In your wardrobe, eucalyptus or lavender oil repels against moths and bugs. Where do you keep your dirty laundry? In your kitchen, scrummy yet strong-smelling food might add an unpleasant scent to it. The way your washing machine works is also important.

Do You Overload or Misuse Your Ace Washer?

In spring, you might wish to wash your winter jackets. You would pop them away for summer. Store them clean and dry in a closet, and they smell fresh till autumn. Place scented cotton balls inside your coat hangers, and they work miracles. Your posh woolen beanies, scarves and jumpers may require washing too.

Moreover, don’t you usually wash your thick, warm duvets before Easter? It might be a part of traditional spring cleaning. Don’t struggle to squeeze all of these items into a small washer drum. Your ideally clean laundry might smell stinky, if:

  • there is not enough space to move inside the washer;
  • detergent and water can’t reach it freely;
  • filter soap dispenser or other interior washer parts are dirty;
  • you leave wet or sweaty clothes in a washer or laundry basket overnight.

How full should a washing machine be? Don’t overload it, considering your ace washer’s capacity and sensor warnings. A brilliant rule of thumb is to leave ¼ of the drum space free. It should be enough to fit your palm inside it.

Why Don’t My Things Smell Fresh after Drying?

Some of your casual clothes or home wear might be a tad dirty. Separate greasy children’s clothing from soft cotton towels. Tough muddy stains and food spills may need pretreatment. Do you have durable cotton items like bedding and sleepwear? Check their labels and steam them properly on the highest possible setting.

Don’t mix coloured and white, natural and synthetic fabrics in the same load. Moreover, try to wash sweaty or damp outfits at once after taking them off. Do they still stink after washing and drying? Rewash your posh clothing, adding a homemade solution.

A simple bee’s knees trick is to:

  • add some drops of white vinegar to the load;
  • leave your fabrics to soak for 5-10 minutes;
  • add an ounce of baking soda to the dispenser;
  • remove your clean laundry from the tumble dryer asap.

Do it quickly, trying not to leave wet or clean clothing inside the drum. Can you air dry it? Unfortunately, the damp and cool climate of London doesn’t allow it. Air it inside, using baking soda as humidity remover.

What is the Best Smelling Laundry Detergent UK?

is it bad to overfill washing machine

You can add your favourite scent to the load. It might look like 3-5 drops of essential oil or a cup of fabric softener. Scent sachets, dryer balls and fabric refreshers are cracking. Add any of them to your hard water, washer or dryer. Spray it on your dirty or clean clothes. It makes your daily, tedious washing easy-peasy.

Anyway, detergent is necessary. Choose it properly, considering its scent and form. Liquid solutions are easy to dissolve and pretreat greasy stains. They won’t damage your brilliant, helpful washer. Powders, on the other hand, are effective and resistant. In addition, they work with difficult stains, removing them at a moment’s notice.

Anyway, the brilliant detergent of your choice should be:

  • fresh-smelling;
  • eco-friendly;
  • phosphate-free;
  • biodegradable;
  • hypoallergenic.

Do natural laundry detergents, consisting of organic ingredients exist now? Regular ones may contain harmful enzymes and surfactants. They may leave minging residue on your ace laundry. I prefer an organic, plant-based product. Use the right amount of it on the label, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, If you use too much or too little of your brilliant detergent, it might leave your clean laundry smelling musty or bad.


Every wash, any season, you would like to get fresh-smelling, clean laundry. Do you wash your bedding or clothing often? It depends on the weather, hygienic factors and fabric composition. Synthetic materials may be more delicate than durable and thick cotton.

Yet, if you know at least 5 secrets of great-smelling laundry, it’s easy-peasy. Load your ace washer properly, keep it perfectly clean, and it works miracles. An efficient liquid or powder detergent eliminates dirt and greasy stains. Choose it thoughtfully, use the ideal amount of it. It easily removed bad, musty odors. Moreover, you can add a fresh scent using some drops of essential oil. A good fabric softener or refresher would be useful too. Store your clean clothing in a dry closet and enjoy its brilliant freshness every day.

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