how full should a washing machine be

How Full Should a Washing Machine be?

how full should a washing machine be

After your Christmas holidays, you might feel a tad refreshed. An impressive laser and light display should have made you happy. Did your children go ice skating? It’s a brilliant, romantic and festive activity. Meanwhile, a pile of laundry in your loo looks minging. How full should a washing machine be? On Christmas Eve, thick clothes might have kept you warm. If you have a labor-saving appliance at home, you are jammy. An advanced, energy-saving machine makes things easy. Its drum size is also important. Which one do you need? Let’s get to the point.

What Do You Put in a Washing Machine?

On Christmas, you might have enjoyed various activities. Going to a market or fair, participate in a ride or an ice rink. Have you traveled to celebrate together with your loved ones? Your journey could be stressful. Showery rains or wintry showers caused a kind of travel chaos on the roads.

It could affect your clothing, making it dirty and wet. A thick coat and several pairs of trousers would require washing. Your old-shoe T-shirts, underwear and jumpers go without saying. It’s a routine part of laundry. All of these things, chic and cosy must be totally clean after the wash.

A number of factors determine it. They include:

  • water temperature;
  • its hardness level;
  • your laundry detergent quality;
  • available space and gaps between items.

Your towels, bedsheets and tablecloths must be absolutely clean. Of course, the energy rating, spin speed of your washing machine are important. They assure great washing results and efficiency. What about the suitable capacity? It depends on your needs.

How Much Should You Fill a Washing Machine?

Do you like doing laundry? Nowadays, it’s easy-peasy. A washing machine is a common domestic appliance. Keeping it in your kitchen or loo is up to you. Even in a small HMO flat, a communal washing machine is to be available. There is no legal requirement, but every landlord provides it.

If your washing machine breaks, it’s minging. A modern, compact and elegant appliance is a godsend. It saves your time, water and electricity. Which one do you need? Of course, your requirements are determinant. Capacity is one of its basic parameters.

Drum Size, Capacity, kgFamily TypeA Duvet to LoadNumber of T-shirts or Towels
5-6a single person or a couple-25/8

How many towels do you load in a 9kg and 7kg washing machine? Commonly, 10-12 small items should fit the drum. It depends on their types and sizes. To wash a duvet, a large, powerful appliance is necessary.

How to Load a Washing Machine?

If you keep your helpful appliance in the kitchen, it may look minging. Don’t go spare, as you are not a one-off. In British flats and houses, it’s a common location. Why don’t you place it in your loo? There might be no electrical socket there. Do you have room to put it there?

A compact, 5 kg washer should fit somewhere. If you are a young couple or leave alone, it would be enough. If you have it, you are still fortunate. According to Statista, 2% of households in the UK still have to do laundry by hand. It might be a time-consuming and stomach-churning practice.

Is it better to do large or small loads of laundry? Filling your old-shoe washer, try to:

  • strike the balance;
  • leave a gap at the top;
  • read the manufacturer’s guidelines beforehand;
  • sort your laundry;
  • get the right amount of clothes.

To evaluate it, fit your palm at the pile of clothes within the drum. Commonly, it should be ¾ or 2/3 full.

how to load a washing machine evenly

How Do I Know if My Washing Machine is Too Full?

Keep in mind that, buying a small, 5kg domestic appliance, you can face some inconveniences. Above all, it doesn’t fit a massive, feather-filled duvet or a down jacket. They may require dry-cleaning. On the other hand, other bedding like sheets, duvet covers, or pillowcases finds enough space in the drum.

Your thick winter clothing is easily washable. Place your jeans, fleece-lined leggings and jumpers to the drum without worries. The total amount of dry laundry that is 5, 6 or 8 kg is a brilliant measure. Manufacturers indicate it in the label and manual. Larger washers are corking.

Suiting the needs of large families, they come with:

  • digital displays;
  • magnetic and temperatures sensors;
  • load detection;
  • time delay;
  • child locks.

How to load your washer correctly? No, you should not weigh each piece of clothing on your kitchen or bathroom scales. Your smart appliance weighs the load automatically. It selects the optimum washing time and temperature.

Is It Possible to Overfill a Washing Machine?

It seems that filling the washer’s drum is a doddle. It looks like magic! You briefly press the button and get your clean, fresh-smelling bedding. Your wet or stained clothes might need pre-soaking. Of course, you should not do it by hand. A corresponding setting helps you to make a good work.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Before loading your washing machine, you should:

  • empty the pockets;
  • sort your laundry by colours;
  • consider its weight or type of material;
  • distribute the load evenly;
  • choose a suitable program;
  • use the right amount of detergent.

Your washer’s drum size must be ideal for your family. It holds your normal load of dirty clothing. Its volume doesn’t let you physically place too much laundry. Struggling to pack it full, you waste your time and effort. Your smart appliance weighs it for you. An Integrated Load and Unbalance Sensor (ILU) optimizes the washing results.

what to do if you overload washing machine

What Happens if You Overload a Washing Machine?

Struggling to stick a massive load of laundry in a small washer, don’t lose the plot. After Christmas, piles of dirty clothing look untidy. It doesn’t go about bad habits. Wash the laundry successively. Do a load every 2-3 days or twice a week. Dry laundry in the basket doesn’t attract mould.

Some space inside the drum is necessary. It lets the laundry move freely, soaking in water. Overloading your brilliant washer is dangerous. If you do, it:

  • damages your helpful appliance;
  • reduces washing efficiency;
  • causes wear and tear;
  • leaves white streaks on your stylish clothing.

The washing machine not washing properly is irritating. Smelly and dirty clothes after a long wash might keep you miffed. Rubbing up against the washer’s door, laundry tears, becoming shabby. Your modern appliance requires care too. Overloading impairs its washing performance.

It damages the motor and the drum’s bearings due to extra stress. Besides, the detergent doesn’t have enough space to dissolve and stains the laundry.


Are you planning to buy and install a new washing machine? Choose a modern and high-end appliance to achieve great results. Its noise level, spin speed and energy efficiency are important. Where do you place it? A utility room is an ideal location. Does lack of space forces you to squeeze it into your kitchen? It would be minging, unhygienic but functional.

Drum size is a critical factor. It determines the volume and amount of the loads. Choose it correctly, depending on your family’s needs and requirements. Afterward, be careful, using the washer. Don’t overload it, distributing the clothes evenly. This way, you get brilliant washing results. Prolong the life of your time-saving appliance and enjoy its great performance.

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