induction hob vs electric hob

How Do You Tell the Difference Between Induction Hobs and Electric Hobs?

induction hob vs electric hob

What are you thinking about at the end of August? A new school year starts soon. Now, you may rush to buy new school uniforms and stationery for your children. What about your family budget? Let’s compare induction hob vs electric hob appliances. You might have to pinch pennies due to skyrocketing inflation. Is it difficult to save electricity? It’s a doddle, indeed. If you use innovative, well-designed appliances, it’s easy-peasy. They are up to 90% more energy-efficient than your old, low-tech devices. A kitchen countertop is no exception. Do you still doubt about updating to induction? Find more about its advantages here.

How Do I Know if I Have a Performant Induction Hob?

Indeed, August is a perfectly warm and wet month in Great Britain. You may enjoy your vacations, flocking to parks and beaches. Do you carry on working? Your professional schedule and responsibilities could make you do it. In tourism, longer hours of work are necessary.

Anyway, you are jammy, as you must make your living and keep your family. In August, it would be noticeable. Travelling and vacations together with school supplies might exhaust your budget. If you move into a new gaff, it might become tough. Yet, with brilliant appliances available, it’s a spawny outcome.

Identifying Different Types of Hob

This year, your household expenses may become critical. Soaring energy bills might make you go spare. A huge rise in prices is devastating. Brilliant, energy-saving appliances weigh in gold nowadays. Buying or renting a new home, have regard to the fact.

Heaters, washers and refrigerators are important. So are your practical hob and oven. What are their operating principles? The most popular modern stove types include:

  • gas;
  • ceramic;
  • regular (solid-plate);
  • штвгсешщт.

I hope you don’t use a solid fuel cooker and hob anymore. If you live in a private house, it’s possible. Yet, it’s a kind of relic, as well as a solid plate (traditional electric) device.

different types of hobs

Are you Using an Old-style Gas Hob?

Having a positive experience, you might like your old-shoe cooker. Is it intuitive to operate? The flame and instant heat it provides feel primitive or wild. It could look natural and easy. However, is it healthy? Fossil fuel is not completely eco-friendly or clean.

Induction vs gas hob is faster and safer. It doesn’t spoil your indoor air. No additional ventilation is necessary to install it. Your stylish cooking surface is greener. It doesn’t contribute to harmful emissions that cause global warming. Moreover, it saves your cherished time, allowing you pinch pennies on energy.

What Types of Electric Hobs Are There?

Even if you have a traditional, open-flame, gas appliance, it might look different. It doesn’t have to get mucky very soon. Modern, “gas on glass” hobs exist. They are easier to clean than their counterparts. Moreover, these cookers are pretty neat and intuitive to clean.

Yet, mounted on ceramic surfaces, they are slower to heat up. Do you misrecognize them? Distinctive burners and fire openings won’t let you do it. Innovative smooth (induction and ceramic) surfaces are difficult to tell apart. They look almost the same. Technology and efficiency still makes difference.

Do You Like an Available Electric Hob?

In August, you realize the upcoming winter and autumn realities. The challenges and risks are increasing. How do you reduce them in your household? A government scheme offers you the opportunity. This way, you get a significant discount on energy or a benefit.

However, you are to turn off your appliances during peak hours. Can you avoid cooking from 5 pm to 8 pm? It depends on your hob type, that is:

  • induction;
  • radiant element (ceramic);
  • or solid-plate.

The latter one is a budget choice. It’s cheap and cheerful. Nevertheless, it doesn’t compare. The older design is not decisive. Yet, it takes hours to prepare dinner or boil water.

Is Your Solid-plate Hob Really Good?

This type of cooker could be available in a rental flat. It’s cheaper to purchase, sturdy and durable. The metal surface around the rings is hard-wearing. These items are reliable. Even if the tenants misuse them, they last and survive. However, it’s not a piece of cake to use the hobs.

The regular, solid-plate devices are tricky to clean. The burn-in food particles and stains might become a headache. The hob rings and the coils inside them are slow to heat up. It significantly delates the food preparation process. Moreover, you are responsible for the utilities. High energy bills are none of the landlord’s business.

What Does Your New Hob Look Like?

Before signing your rental agreement, be attentive. Check the condition of the available appliances. It’s as important as the presence of mould in your rental property. Take a gander at all corners. Testing and inspection of the electrical installation are not out of place.

What is your available cooking surface? Its stylish and sleek look should not confuse you. What is the difference between ceramic and induction hobs? The speed of warming up and heat distribution are noticeable. At the first glance, you may see the blinking light or check the hob’s activation principle.

what is an electric induction hob

What Is an Induction Hob?

If you see a sleek cooking surface in your kitchen, it’s a spawny outcome. The black glass-ceramic surface is perfectly smooth. It’s simple to wipe without any effort. Your ace, functional hob is low-profile and stylish. Yet, it’s not intuitive to recognize its type.

Indeed, several modern types of cookers have the same top plate. They have similar futuristic designs and tough surfaces. Ceramic, halogen, induction and even innovative gas devices are no exception. They have similar, strong and heat-resistant liners on the top. The functionality and temperature control makes difference.

Telling Your Existing Hob Apart

When you are moving into a new rental flat or house, don’t feel at a loss. Estimate your expenses, remembering about your tenant’s rights. Don’t forget to check the electricity and gas meter readings. You can easily set up a supplier or provider that offers favourable rates.

Is your landlord responsible for utility bills? Anyway, the hob’s safety and speed are important. How to tell the technology? Of course, you are to turn the device on. What pans for induction hob do work fine? A simple fridge magnet helps you to test your cookware. This way, you identify your new cooking unit and start using it.

What Goes on if You Position a Common Pan on the Induction Hob?

It’s easy to turn your existing kitchen hob on. The heat and fire control is identical. Most shiny modern surfaces have tough controls. Are the brilliant features, like child lock available? Your ace, smooth hob may still fall into the ceramic category.

Do you see a red-hot disc through the glass? If so, your blinding hob is halogen or ceramic. It stays warm after you turn it off. Yet, this cooktop works easily with any pot or pan you own. It may contain aluminium or copper. On an innovative, responsive hob it simply remains cold.

What Does an Induction Hob Mean?

In a rented gaff, you definitely won’t buy and install a new appliance. As a jammy tenant, you may be responsible for some repairs. If your negligence or misuse causes breakage, you would have to fix it. It depends on the terms of your renting agreement.

In your own, snug gaff, you might prefer to install an ace hob that is:

  • responsible;
  • feature-rich;
  • durable;
  • safe-to-use;
  • quick and versatile.

An innovative, induction technology makes miracles. It uses the electromagnetic field to heat your pan bottom directly. The surface remains cool. It’s a completely  safe to touch. So even your little munchkins can cook lunches for themselves securely on the cooktop.

Is Induction Hob better than Electric?

If you work very long hours, it’s a wonky situation. In summer, it doesn’t let you enjoy gardening or a beach escape to the full. Nevertheless, you must bring home the bacon, keeping your family. What about your cheeky sprogs? If they are very young, under 12, they certainly must not be alone for hours.

In the UK, the law doesn’t allow it. Older children take care of themselves. Coming back from school, they might cook or, at least reheat their lunch. Will they use a microwave oven, therefore? On an induction hob, it’s quick and easy, so I prefer this method.

What is Your Energy Efficient Electric Hob?

If your kids need to reheat the soup, it’s easy-peasy. They can use a microwave that is quick and efficient. It’s virtually as good as a slow cooker. Low energy consumption is an ace result. Yet, I don’t like the method, as you might get a hot plate with cold liquid inside it.

Will your kids use a gas hob? Noway, as it would be dangerous. What about a regular, solid-plate device? It takes too long to warm one of its rings up. A blinding induction technology makes difference. It takes only 2-3 minutes to heat your scrummy soup. It’s a safe and healthy technique.

Is a New Induction Hob Cheaper-to-Run than Electric Hob?

Your little munchkins use an innovative hob quite safely. Only the pots and the food inside them get hot. All the other surfaces are cool or warm, not dangerous to touch at all. It lets the kids finish preparing their lunch before the peak hours. If any of them is 16 already, it’s a doddle.

Of course, an older, regular hob does the job. However, it takes for yonks to make a good, proper dinner. Unfortunately, it wastes heat and precious energy. It uses up to 1.5 kW per hour, devastating your household budget.

induction cooktop pros and cons

Realizing Your Induction Hob Pros and Cons

If you are a busy person, you need a technological adjustment. Ace hobs that boil water within a few minutes are available. Of course, you can avoid running your washing machine or dishwasher during peak hours. Cooking is another thing. Yet, with induction, you finish it quickly, saving electricity.

These ace, performant cookware are:

  • adjustable;
  • safe;
  • responsible;
  • stylish;
  • energy-efficient;
  • simple-to-clean.

On the sleek surface, the risk of burned food is minimal. On a traditional, solid plate, it’s much muckier. After a heavy working day, you would have to remove the burn marks from the white enamel. On the contrary, on induction, food preparation is a pure delight.

What Are the Disadvantages of Induction Hobs?

With a regular, solid-plate hob, your kitchen may feel like a hell. It would be dirty and a tad hot, especially in summer. Waiting until the ring warms up is exhausting. This way, you lose precious moments of your private and professional life. A modern, responsive surface makes difference. It grants you wishes as soon as you get around to making them.

Of course, innovative and stylish induction has its drawbacks. It has a cooling fan that makes a buzzing or humming noise. Yet, it depends on your cookware quality. Moreover, you should lift every pan or pot carefully to avoid scratches on the glass.

Why Induction Amateur Cooking is Bad?

The new food-making method is a tad unfamiliar. Therefore, it’s not very popular in the UK yet. The food preparation practice is quick as thought. Unless you have an implanted pacemaker, it’s completely safe. It emits electromagnetic waves, but the level of radiation is low, which is not dangerous.

Of course, you may face some induction hobs problems. When you are starting to master the induction technology, it’s a tad tricky. It requires suitable, thick-bottom, heavyweight cookware. Otherwise, the appliances won’t start up. If the hob diameter is too small, it may shut off, showing an error or flashing.

How to Choose Induction Hob?

An ace, innovative cooking surface is expensive to buy and install. It works well only with suitable cookware that is magnetic and rustproof. Yet, it lasts for 10-15 years, at least, offering you an opportunity for flawless cooking. It pays its way, saving valuable energy.

If you are ready to switch to quick induction, your selection is still difficult. Which hob do you need? You obviously must consider its:

  • size;
  • brand;
  • power levels;
  • availability of safety features;
  • design.

A timer, child lock and overheating protection should be available for sure. This way, you enjoy an impeccably clean and fast cooking experience. It transforms your life, making it better.


Do you live in a rental flat? You may have to use an old-style, solid-plate electric hob temporarily. It’s outdated, slow and not efficient. But big investments are not to the point there. The only thing you can do is to set up the most expedient energy provider in your district.

Living in your own gaff, switch to the ace technology. It gives you impeccable cooking freedom and promptness. Your functional kitchen environment will be clean, healthy and safe. Choose an ace, efficient hob’s model and brand and enjoy its great responsibility and style.

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