is calgon good for washing machines

Is Calgon Good for Cleaning Washing Machines?

is calgon good for washing machines

Summer is a brilliant time. In June, when it rains less often, have a tag longer walks. Your clothing still requires regular washing. Do you have a modern, smart appliance in your kitchen? Of course, you don’t want it to get wonky prematurely. Is Calgon good for washing machines? It prevents minging limescale buildup, extending the life of your helpful machine. Do you still doubt it? It’s possible, as you can’t have a gander at its inner parts. Let’s dig into the product’s details and the way it works.

Is Calgon Any Good?

In the early summer, you may be still a tad busy. Working longer hours, will you have enough time for your domestic chores? Yet, you shouldn’t neglect cleaning or the way you look. Fortunately, there are products that make your clothing clean and odour-free.

You might remember the secret to great smelling laundry. First of all, you should keep your washing machine sparkling clean. It prevents mould and bacteria growth. So does Calgon. It prevents odours and dirt residue, making your clothes 30% cleaner.

Does Calgon Really Work?

You must have heard about the famous brand and the ace water softener. The multinational British company Reckitt manufactures it since the 1933rd. It seems to date to the pre-war times. When was the washing machine invented? It looks like the brilliant, anti-bacterial product was already available there.

Do you feel jammy, avoiding a stomach-churning laundry routine? You should if your clothing is hygienically clean. Neutralizing minging odours, dirt residue and limescale, Calgon is a real catch. Its unique formulation prevents hard water issues, allowing your brilliant washer to live longer.

Is Calgon Safe for Sensitive Skin?

If you live in a hard water area, you might experience limescale. London is one of them. Here, tap water is rich in calcium and magnesium compounds. The reason is limestone and chalk geology within the Thames basin. Don’t go spare. Hard drinking water is safe and even healthy.

Your washer maintenance shouldn’t cost you a bomb. Calgon is a blinding product that supports the appliance, neutralizing:

  • limescale;
  • minging odours;
  • dirt and mould residues.

What does the original product look like? It is a powder water softener or complex salt, containing sodium hexametaphosphate. The compound has low toxicity, yet try to avoid contact with the chemical.

can you use calgon on an empty wash

Do You Take the Wrapper off Calgon Tablets?

The main chemical compound of the water softener is not harmful. SHMP is a polyphosphate, commonly used as a food additive. Are you sure you don’t take it with your food? Manufacturers may use Calgon to improve its quality. They add it to:

  • dairy products;
  • cheese;
  • sausage;
  • meat and poultry;
  • seafood.

SHMP is on the approved food additives list. Its number is E452i (phosphates). Of course, some health risks may be available. Large quantities of the texturizer may cause allergy or irritation if you take it orally. Small quantities available in your drinking water or indoor air are completely safe.

Calgon and Hard Water in Washing Machine

I guess you might love your powerful washer. If you use it for yonks, the cycle selection is simple. It’s easy-peasy like every tried-and-true action. Hard water and limescale may become its worst enemy.

The minging deposit affects the washer’s heating element. It causes its overheating, decreasing the heating efficiency. The pump and valves would find difficulty drawing water. Calgon prevents the hoses and pipes from clogging. It works as a chelating agent. The chemical dissolves calcium and magnesium ions, binding them together. This way, they don’t react with your detergent, eliminating soap scum formation.

Do You Need to Use Calgon in Every Wash?

Try to do it, if you want to save money. Do you suffer from hard water issues? I guess you may hate this minging white, chalky deposit. It causes higher heating bills, reducing the energy efficiency of your household.

Don’t get miffed, as there is an ace way out. Calgon works a miracle. It prevents blockage in pipes and tubing systems. The water softener keeps away the minging scale buildup. It eliminates the risk of washer’s breakdown. Moreover, Calgon mimics your detergent’s action, to some extent. Softening your tap water, it lets you use up to 25% less of your posh detergent.

Does Calgon Get Rid of Smells?

Every product you use is brilliant. It reduces the risk of washer failures, making your tap water softer. What about the hygienic concerns? If you use your old-shoe washer for yonks, it might work like a dream. A top-quality, reliable appliance copes with any difficulties and pressure.

Yet, if you take a gander inside, you would be gobsmacked. What covers the inner parts of the drum and other surfaces? It could be soap scum residue, greasy deposits, and even mould. Does it have an unpleasant earthy smell? So would be your freshly washed clothes. Calgon keeps your powerful washer brilliantly clean, making the laundry hygienic.

does calgon get rid of smells

What Is Your Best Washing Machine Cleaner in the UK?

Not only the life of your time-saving machine is important. The clothes you put on every day should be hygienically clean. Bacteria, germs, or malodors are harmful. They shouldn’t contact your sensitive skin for hours. If you have little children, it may become critical for their health.

Therefore, you should keep your brilliant washer well-maintained and clean. The product you choose for the purpose must be:

  • powerful;
  • eco-friendly;
  • versatile;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • simple to use.

Calgon products match the criteria. Numerous Calgon washing machine cleaner reviews prove it. It kills 99.9% of bacteria, preventing minging odours and mould issues.

What Can I Use Instead of Calgon?

I guess you understand the washing machine cleaning essence. It’s harmful and unhygienic to transfer grime and mould from the washer to your posh clothes. Resisting from one wash cycle to another, it envenoms your life.

Of course, you can use another cleaner, but for Calgon. Available alternatives include:

  • borax;
  • soda crystals;
  • white vinegar;
  • another cleaning liquid or powder.

The own brand that your local supermarket offers you, might be cheap and cheerful. These offers may include one-off products. Using any of them every other month is still wasteful. Yet, be sure not to apply any toxic or irritating chemicals.

what can you use instead of calgon

Calgon Water Softener vs Borax

Sodium borate or borax was popular about a decade before. People used it as a laundry additive. It was available as an active component of soaps and detergents. Then, Borax softened your water, having brilliant anti-fungal properties.

Yet, it’s precipitating and irritating. It boosts laundry, neutralizing acids. Do you use bio vs non bio washing powder? If you have little children or any health problems, the answer is evident. Nowadays, you shouldn’t use borax in any case. In the UK and EU, these products are not available since the 2010th, due to their health hazards. Calgon is much more effective and completely safe. It’s applicable is a rinse cycle, leaving no residue.

Do You Choose Calgon or Soda Crystals?

You may still think that Calgon products cost a bomb. Soda crystals are much cheeper. The laundry product is natural and eco-friendly. The “washing soda” is soluble in water. It’s a powerful degreaser and non-toxic product. Yet, it’s still a strong alkaline and an abrasive product.

Soda crystals are slow to dissolve in hard water. It leaves a minging white residue. You should rinse it properly, and avoid using it on delicate fabrics. Calgon doesn’t add alkalinity to your tap water. It prevents limescale, bacteria growth, and minging odours.

What Are the 3 Compartments in a Washing Machine Drawer?

I hope you have already decided to use Calgon every day. Anyway, you should clean the washer’s door and its rubber seal. The outside of your ace machine and the detergent drawer require additional wiping.

Have a gander at your washer’s dispensing drawer design. Its layout can be a tad different, changing from one brand to another. Anyway, it commonly has 3 compartments, such as:

  • pre-wash;
  • the main one (for detergent);
  • a small department for fabric softener.

Where should you put Calgon? It can be in any form that is liquid (gel), powder or tablets. Add it to the right compartment to get perfect laundry washing results.

what is calgon used for

How to Use Calgon Gel in Washing Machine?

You may prefer a liquid water softener. It’s a very popular product commonly available in supermarkets. Liquid Calgon is simple to measure. A measuring cup should be available. ¼ cup or 2 ounces of gel should be enough in a hard water area. At least, in London, it works well.

How to use your water softener? It’s easy peasy. You can pour the liquid directly into the drum. It starts working immediately, taking no time to dissolve. Otherwise, add it to the main compartment, on the top of your blinding detergent.

Where to Put Calgon Tablets in Washing Machine?

A powdered water softener is also efficient. It might be a tad more difficult to measure. Yet, it’s enough for larger loads. Tablets are the most convenient form. You don’t have to measure the dose, and there is no mess. Wrap off every individual tablet and add it to the laundry.

Where should you put it? I would logically use the fabric softener compartment. However, it seems to be wrong. Manufacturers recommend putting Calgon tablets into the main department. The label “2” points the way. Little quantity can go also to the pre-wash (marked 1) compartment. It’s necessary if your clothes are very dirty.


I am sure you treasure your blinding washer. It saves your precious time, caring for your posh and comfortable clothing. Your cherished health and those of your little munchkins are priceless. It goes without saying.

So, don’t forget to use Calgon with every your wash. It helps your washing machine last longer, preventing limescale. Without minging bacterial and minging odours, your clothes are better. They are safer and more pleasant to wear. Moreover, save on your detergent, adding only the quantity, necessary for soft water. Maintain your ace washer machine properly and be well.

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