what is an open coil mattress

What is an Open Coil Sprung Mattress?

We are becoming more sedentary nowadays. We don’t go cycling, swimming or dancing every day. During the long months of lockdown, it could become critical. Are you an office specialist? Working from home, you spend many hours sitting down. What is an open coil mattress? It’s highly supportive, orthopaedic and healthy. If you suffer from regular low back pain, this item is essential. Long hours of sitting result in excessive pressure on your back muscles. Would you have a sound sleep after such an inactive day? It’s possible if you select a blinding firm bed structure able to support your joints and back.

Is An Open-coil Mattress Ideal for Back Pain?

Physical inactivity may put your musculoskeletal health at risk. It’s harmful to your mind and body. Do you at least like walking on your weekends? I dare swear, you would prefer to spend it skiving and watching TV. But, of course, it affects your posture and wellbeing.

Oldy-mouldy spinal support at night doesn’t solve the problem fundamentally. It helps you to:

  • feel a temporary pain relief;
  • soothe pressure;
  • have an ace supporting body position.

Are you recovering after joint surgery? If so, sleeping on a brilliant orthopaedic mattress is a must. It would be a kind of therapy that reduces spinal inflammation.

Are Orthopaedic, Open Coil Mattresses Bouncy?

These traditional items are a tad pliable and flexible. Shall you sleep only on your back from now on? Sometimes, it’s useful, as it’s healthy. For example, do you suffer from chronic back and neck pain? Millions of modern people do. As a result, poor sitting posture and long hours of hunched-shoulder strain cause it.

Sound sleep should be refreshing. Above all, a suitable mattress soothes pain, promoting good rest. Firm support doesn’t mean you should avoid moving. A spring structure allows easy transition between your favourite sleeping or kipping positions. Yet, it’s a great relief.

Is an Standard (Open Coil) Mattress Comfortable?

After a stressful day, you might try to avoid extra pressure at night. A standard coil is not an anachronism. It keeps your body in a stable position. Do you like sinking into the soft foam while you are sleeping? You may enjoy it, yet it causes minging spinal pain.

Do you like fitness or regular medical examination? Firm body support might be as indispensable as a bitter pill. A reliable push-up around your torso, hips and shoulders prevents aches.

Are Firm Mattresses Helpful in Your Children’s Development?

I hope your little munchkins don’t spend hours of their life in front of computers or TV screens. Are they in a pupil-age now? Exercises are necessary to strengthen their bones and muscles. Moreover, every teenager should have the freedom to enjoy his favourite hobby.

It might be pretty risky, like:

  • rough cycling;
  • social or team games;
  • parkour;
  • mountain climbing.

Playing football or ice hockey, your little sprogs bring down exam stress. After their exercises, they sleep like babies on any mattresses, including austere ones. Keeping their bodies in shape, they might deserve a bit of posh luxury or softer items.

how long does an open coil mattress last for


Open Coil Mattress: Pros and Cons

Younger children might need strong support. A traditional item suits the purpose, promoting their growth and development. Above all, it’s ideal for a lightweight child’s body. The option is safe, as back-sleeping is their healthy position at the time.

The mattress performs its important function. It meets the purpose, being:

  • lightweight;
  • breathable;
  • supportive;
  • healthy;
  • affordable.

The mattress feels a tad cool in summer. It suits children who are still suffering from nighttime accidents. The structures are easy-to-clean and purse-friendly. Do they tend to wear out in 3-5 years? It’s all right, as you would have to replace the bed, following your little child’s growth and development.

Is It Easy to Avoid Neck and Back Pain?

Lockdown was a comparatively inactive period. What could you do when the gyms and pools were closed? Simple exercises like stretches and squats might be not helpful. So instead, you are to go for a walk and breathe fresh air. According to the NHS recommendations, you are to spend not less than 1-2 hours per day exercising.

Realizing how to get rid of a mattress in the UK is half the battle. You shouldn’t be physically strong to lift and carry out a wonky open-coil item. It’s lightweight and simple to carry. With a new, posh thing, you should sleep better. Excellent support at night helps you to ease tension and alleviate aches.

Open-coil Spring Mattress Meaning its Quality

During the long lockdown period, the demand for bedding and housing items was raising. Spending weeks and months at home, you are to assure your ultimate comfort. Good sleep is essential in the situation.

Yet, after the ease, your nocturnal online shopping habits may remain the same. How would you find an open-coil mattress late at night? The product might lie behind the names “standard” or “traditional”. Continuous, innerspring and “cage sprung” are its popular names. The quality and comfort levels may still differ.

Are Sprung Mattresses Good?

Everybody knows a sound night’s sleep is critical. It’s essential to keep your immune and cardiovascular systems well. Yet, it’s not so easy nowadays. Your eating and drinking habits or the temperature in the bedroom may prevent good rest.

Of course, sleeping surface is also important. Do you need firm support? A bouncy, spring-based mattress is preferable if you are a hot sleeper. It allows free air circulation, relieving hot flashes. Heavyweight and restful sleepers would also appreciate it. Yet, the variety of spring mattress types, upholstery and features is endless.

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Do You Need a Box Spring with a Coil Mattress?

A low-end, cage-sprung sleeping surface doesn’t have to be rough or feel tough. Instead, it comes with layers of soft paddings containing cotton wool or microfibre. If you suffer from hay fever, bouncy structures let you breathe easier.

Your comfort depends significantly on the coils’ size and shape. First, let me say, hourglass items make a mattress quieter and more stable. The box-spring bed design is a tad popular. Meanwhile, this is typical for thin and innerspring mattresses. The wooden frame absorbs moving shocks, preventing sagging, motion transfer and damage issues.

Mattress Features and Structures

Mattress type is not the only distinguishing characteristic of a brand-new item. For example, the springs are different in size and material. They may consist of steel or another metal that lasts and behaves variously. Low-end ones may even rust or compress easily in some years of use.

Open coil vs pocket sprung mattresses are commonly firmer and a tad supportive. Yet, other features may include:

  • some comfort layers;
  • reliable edge supports;
  • durable covers;
  • air vents;
  • hypoallergenic filler.

The mattress you select might be double or single-sided. Medium and soft options exist. It depends on the filling or padding nature.

What is the Difference between a Pocket-sprung and an Open-coil Mattresses?

Any family might start pinching pennies this year. The high cost of living and soaring inflation could make you keep within compass. Have you decided to buy a purse-friendly, traditional mattress? It would suit your:

  • guest or living room;
  • summer house;
  • heavy-weight family members;
  • single sleepers;
  • growing and developing children.

The lighter items may suit their narrow and reliable bunk beds. In addition, the mattresses are healthy and simple to maintain. Yet, they are still basic and austere in comparison with their sophisticated counterparts.

What Is a Posh (Pocket-Sprung) Mattress?

Continuous structures, having the air of a single piece of steel wire, are a tad stable. Yet, they are indispensable for people with special orthopaedic needs. Yet, their interconnected wire networks feed movements across the whole surface. Uncovered, the mattresses feel a tad rough.

In your matrimonial bedroom, you would need some more luxury and comfort. Individually wrapped springs offer it to couples. Actually, the technology is not so new. A prominent engineer, J. Marshall, patented it as early as in the 1900th. Originating from Canada, it spread all over the world, comforting people.

Which is best: Memory Foam or Pocket Sprung?

Humanity is jammy to enjoy sleeping comfort for yonks. But several decades after the “Marshall Coils” invention, the evolution didn’t stop. In the 1926th, the talented Mr. Dunlop introduced a new technology, vulcanizing rubber.

The signature latex foam was flexible and elastic, moulding to the sleeper’s body. The soft, resilient mattresses were worth the attention of the Royal family. Memory foam is an innovative invention that dates back to the 1960s. The material is lightweight and long-lasting but synthetic. These mattresses are easy to take away but feel hot during the summer nights.

memory foam or pocket sprung mattress


Top Mattress Quality Debate

If you can afford the luxury, it’s a spawny outcome. But, on the other hand, it’s a wise decision that feels during a decade. So what is the most comfortable mattress? I guess it’s hybrid, combining comfort and a bouncing, supportive feel.

Do you want to save on the purchase? Knowing who makes John Lewis mattresses it’s easy-peasy. Buying signature branded items directly from the manufacturers is cost-efficient. But, of course, posh beds are different. Most of them are medium-firm, hybrid and versatile. Most importantly, these brilliant items consist of pain-relieving, orthopaedic structures. Soft foam padding makes them softer and more comfortable.

Is it Better to Have More Pocket Springs in a Mattress?

The selection of a suitable bedding structure is not so simple. Each of these items has a certain thickness and firmness rating. The signature products from the leading brands are brilliant: they contain multiple layers of filling, padding and foam. Most importantly, cushioned surface lets you avoid direct contact with the metal mattress’s compounds.

It feels soft and comfortable. Commonly, the sellers specify the special highlights. It might be hand stitching, tufting or natural, anti-allergenic materials. Meanwhile, spring count is an important factor: it determines the feel, support level and durability.

What is a Good Number of Fundamental Pocket Springs?

A highly supportive, adaptable mattress is blinding. It has excellent point elasticity characteristics that enhance the responsibility of the structure. The reason is not only in the number of coils a 150 cm * 200 cm-large structure contains. It corresponds to the imperial king-size version.

Numeral springs are smaller in diameter. This is because they consist of thinner wire. Do you think the metal is the same? It might be a certain steel grade, like high carbon or stainless. Besides, vanadium plating makes the coils rust-resistant and more durable. But, of course, the feel and health effects make a difference.

What is the difference between 1000 (Pocket-Sprung) and 2000 Items?

Selecting a new mattress, you should consider your body weight. If it’s typical, not exceeding 16 stones, your selection is a tad wide. Medium mattresses are the most popular and available in all famous brands. A firmer feel is necessary for heavy-weight sleepers.

Yet, the mattress tension depends on the spring type. Their count and diameter makes difference. 1000-1500-spring items are ideal options. They are a tad supportive, able to relieve chronic back pain. If the count is higher than 2000, two layers of micro springs may feel firmer. The structure suits a flat solid bed base the best. It feels perfect, providing ideal zoned support and luxurious comfort.


You are jammy when buying a new, posh, pocket-spring or hybrid mattress. From now on, you’ll have deeper, more sound sleep. In addition, the option is ideal for married couples, offering ace movement separation.

Shall you buy a continuous or open-coil structure? It depends on your budget and needs. A top-quality, decorative option may perfectly fit a wide divan base in your living room. Most importantly, it promotes children’s development in certain growth stages. Besides, a person after a joint surgery may require its brilliant support. So, make your own decision according to the situation and sleep well.

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