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How to Get Rid of Old Mattress in the UK?

I hope you have had your brilliant Easter holiday this year. Eggs painting, treats and gifts should bring a smile to your face. But, bomb gifts like a new mattress are not typical. If you have got it, you are jammy. But, on the other hand, what to do with your old one? How to get rid of a mattress in the UK? Your old bulky pad might become wonky or even moldy now. Using it for yonks, you wake up sore or tired. Its disposal is a great idea. Yet, it’s not easy peasy nowadays. How to do it without heavy expenses to your household? As a waste, it should neither harm the planet. Do you need a simple guide with several useful solutions? I’ll try to blow the gaff to you.

What to Do with an Auld Mattress in the UK?

I hope you feel jammy with your long, four-day weekend. In 2022, it would be the first “normal” Easter celebration for three years. With no Covid restrictions, why don’t you go wild? Being a young reveller or a party-goer, you could enjoy the nightlife on the streets.

Did you get boozy or party a tad hard? Easter is a great, forgiving time to celebrate it the way you want. It’s also great to clean out the clutter in your cosy gaff. Do you want to refresh it before or even after the Holiday? Your old, lumpy mattress could become a sticking point.

How often do you replace it? Do it every 8-10 years, or as soon as it becomes:

  • noisy;
  • dirty;
  • torn;
  • smelly;
  • infested with bed bugs.

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable while sleeping or suffer from allergy or back pain. Should your landlords replace it? They will if your tenancy agreement stipulates it. Otherwise, you should remove it with your own funds. However, it shouldn’t cost you a bomb.

Are You Keeping Your Mattress Too Long?

I hope your traditional Easter cleaning was successful and renewing. It should raise your spirit and refresh your old, cozy gaff. So unclutter it to breathe freely and welcome spring. This year, it’s especially balmy and pleasant. A mini-heatwave during the holidays allowed partygoers to hit the streets and enjoy the nightlife.

In Manchester, high temperatures rocketed high to 22 degrees (C). Even the pouring rain didn’t stop the revellers. Do you feel as easy in your flat as outdoors? It might be not easy if it’s as tiny as a studio. Don’t get miffed. A bunk bed, for example, can save space in a small room. If you know what size mattress for bunk beds you need, it saves your space.

Have you bought the wrong size? Replacing it is a doddle. In this case, try to:

  • contact the sellers;
  • sell your mattress;
  • donate it;
  • use it with another bed.

Will you store your old mattress until a move? Put it into storage, and it comes in handy later. If it’s a tad new, clean, free of bugs and stains, it’s still usable.



How to Dispose of a Mattress for Free in the UK?

New, stain-free and clean bedding is always necessary. What is wrong with it? If it’s only the size and fit, it’s the seller’s responsibility. Firstly, try to check your warranty and contact them. Commonly, they should replace it at no charge or offer a good alternative.

Apart from the sellers and manufacturers, try to contact also:

  • mattress retailers;
  • local charities;
  • your friends and relatives;
  • large online marketplaces.

Is your old mattress in good condition? If you used it carefully, and it’s only 4 years old or newer, it’s a brilliant item. Sell it online, donate it to your neighbours or a charity. Let me say, in Manchester, the British Heart Foundation collects it. The Organization does it gratis, quickly and securely.

You need only to steam clean or disinfect your mattress. No big deal, it won’t cost a bomb. But, are your old mattresses already torn or noisy? If your little munchkins slept on them for yonks, they might be not usable. These objects require collection, disposal and recycling.

How Do I Throw a Mattress in the UK?

Dispose of your old mouldy or stained pad right now. In your kids’ bunk bed, any mattresses may rip or tear in some years. Are you little munchkins cheeky? Jumping on their beds, they would run a high risk. Moreover, they could damage their mattresses, scratch the lining or break the springs.

Does your old lumpy mattress clutter your tiny space? Knowing how to fit a double bed in a small room, you might still have no place to store it. Try to:

  • book a special, Council collection;
  • order waste removal services;
  • put it simply to a skip;
  • drive it to the nearest local tip.

It might cost a pretty penny (up to £27 or so). Yet, you should dispose of your mattress in the right way. Recycling centers collect your foam, spring, organic or hybrid mattress and process it. Its type still makes difference.

What is a Pocket Sprung Mattress?

How to deal with these multi-material objects? It seems to be simple or easy peasy. Don’t you throw them out like any other kind of rubbish? Your city laws and rules might not allow it. As an example, in Manchester, only the city residents may dispose of large unwanted items.

Fortunately, mattresses contain ace recyclable components, like:

  • steel springs;
  • fabrics;
  • wooden frames;
  • filling or foam.

You know, orthopedic mattresses are easy to disassemble. They consist of individual pocket springs. Several layers of fabric cover each of them. Manufacturers repair the mattresses, replacing the separate parts. Even if the upholstery tears, it’s simple to replace or sew.

Have you ever slept on a pocket spring mattress? It’s so comfortable that you don’t want to give it away to anybody. These top-quality units gently support your body, relieving pressure. They reduce hip, joint and back pain at night. Yet, spring mattresses age quicker than foam pads. So, in 7-8 years of use, you may still wish to replace them with better, breathable, posh mattresses.

pocket sprung mattress


Can You Take a Mattress to the Dump?

If you live in a tiny flat in a large city, it should not feel or look cluttered. Your minimalist gaff could be only 300-400 sq. ft. large. Does it look like a studio, including no kitchen? Of course, the pantry or utility room is absent too. A washing machine, fridge and cooker are a must.

So is a wardrobe and a large bed with a comfortable mattress. Meanwhile, replacing your old support unit, you would have no space to store it. Will you put it directly to a skip? It might seem to be the easiest way to get rid of the torn mattress immediately. It’s a doddle to carry and throw in the garbage.

Yet, it’s not a sustainable solution. Ending in a landfill, your old mattress decomposes for a hundred years. Huge piles of mattresses stacked on top of each other cover the areas. They pollute the environment, soil and groundwater. Anyway, your local skip companies don’t allow bulky items. They would charge extra for the mattress disposal.

Do Recycling Centres Take Mattresses?

If you have a clean, intact old mattress that is in good condition, it’s a spawny outcome. Any charity collects it without charge. You can also sell it and get some dosh. A torn, stained or ripped item requires recycling. May you dispose of it at no expense? It seems to cost you a pretty penny, anyway.

A skip company charges not less than £10-£25 for its disposal. To have no hassle and skive, try to order the services of a:

  • waste carrier;
  • recycling center;
  • removal & storage agency;
  • waste collection company.

In Manchester, there are multiple city council and private waste carrier companies. Your local service collects your torn mattress or other unwanted bulky items. The team takes it from your home address. They transport it to their facility, dismantle, segregate and sanitize the components.

How much will it cost you? Only about £25-£30. The recycling team processes all of the available components. It removes the steel springs to use them as scrap metal or spare parts later. Textile, fabrics, and foam pads are also recyclable.

Can You Burn a Mattress UK?

If you want to save on your old support unit disposal, it’s possible. Not only may the recent cost of crisis force you to do it. Being an eco-friendly person, you would wish to save the planet. Of course, it’s easy to drive your minging, smelly mattress to a local tip. If you have a brilliant, large car, it’s possible.

It costs you only the fuel and your precious time. Why don’t you deliver your old mattress to the nearest recycling center? They collect it free of charge in their facility. Yet, it’s a sustainable solution. Meanwhile, you can break down the bulky item by yourself.

Cut it up layer by layer:

  • pulling the cord;
  • cutting and removing the upholstery fabric;
  • removing and gathering the padding materials;
  • cutting the metal box springs;
  • disassembling the wood frame.

These compact bundles of materials are easier to deliver. You may also dispose of them at no or low cost. But don’t burn your mattress or its components. It might be illegal in your area or dangerous for your health.

can you take a mattress to the dump uk



Have you got a new, orthopedic and breathable mattress as an Easter gift? Even if you buy it by yourself, you are jammy. Your old mattress could become a sticking point. If you live in a tiny, HMO or studio flat, it clutters your essential space.

Knowing how to dispose of it for free, you simplify your life. The manufacturers collect it on the day they deliver a new one to your home. Otherwise, donate clean, intact bulk items to charity organizations or your friends. Dismantle torn or stained ones, removing the components. Yet, don’t burn them to avoid poisoning and environmental contamination. They emit toxic fumes, harmful and dangerous to your health. So, please dispose of your old mattress easily, in a sustainable way and save on its recycling.

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