how to get hot chocolate out of carpet

How to Get Hot Chocolate out of Carpet?

how to get hot chocolate out of carpet

Valentine’s Day fell on Monday this year. Have you celebrated it? If you do, it’s a spawny outcome. Breakfast in bed is one of the brilliant holiday traditions. Yet a little accident can happen while you sip your favourite, scrummy beverage. How to get hot chocolate out of carpet? Tough stains may remain, and it would be a minging thing. Unfortunately, you would have to get up and begin treating the stains. They should not set, becoming tough or stubborn. Anyway, stains should not become your wonky nightmare. Do you want to know how to eliminate them? Read the article to receive a piece of advice.

Do Hot Chocolate Stains Come Out?

Valentine’s Day celebration might become special for you. Are you happy with your current partner? According to a survey, 9 in 10 Britons say they are. But many of them hold the holiday old-fashioned. Have you received cards, beautiful flowers and small, affectionate gifts this Monday? If so, you are jammy.

You might have a romantic dinner in a restaurant together. On Monday night, you could have too little time to prepare it at home. Making hot chocolate is easy peasy. It takes only 5-10 minutes, and you get a posh, creamy drink. It warms you on a cold winter day.

What are the main ingredients of hot chocolate? A quick recipe might use:

  • cream or milk;
  • cocoa powder;
  • sugar;
  • vanilla;
  • a pinch of sea salt.

A healthy warming drink can boost your vitality and mood. Yet its stains are difficult to remove or get out. Are chocolate stains permanent? They are oily and quick to set. Moreover, a combination of hot chocolate ingredients requires complex solutions.

How Do You Remove Hot Chocolate Stains?

The drink is a tad popular in Great Britain. It’s one of the UK’s favorite treats. Recent research found Brits down 3,000 mugs of hot chocolate during their lifetime. Of course, you can spill a little on your carpet or clothing. How do you remove it? An efficient solution will help you to do it.

Hasn’t your hot chocolate hardened? Try to remove it immediately. Scrape it away, using a flat knife. The oily stain shouldn’t sit, getting deeper into the carpet fibers. Alternatively, dab it away, using napkins or paper towels. Right afterward, make a cleaning solution and use it on the stain.

What Is a Good Stain Remover?

Hot chocolate is a very healthy drink. It uses several brilliant, magnetism-rich ingredients. It has more antioxidants than dark or milk chocolates. Hot chocolate can soothe tension and cure your headache. Yet, its messy stains are difficult to remove. Proteins and oils in milk, tannins in cocoa powder make dark, greasy stains.

It makes the stomach-churning stain removal process more complicated. Warm water and mild detergent help easily lift the oils. Cold water won’t work on them. What kind of solution will you use? A commercial formula or stain remover may cost a pretty penny. It shouldn’t miff you. Immediately after the spill, you can use:

  • white vinegar;
  • lime (lemon) juice;
  • hydrogen peroxide (3%);
  • mild laundry detergent;
  • professional stain remover.

Simple liquid dish soap might work perfectly immediately after the accident. Mix it with lukewarm water. Leave the cleaning solution to sit. Dab it, but not rub. Don’t saturate the carpet fibers. The stain should not spread. On the contrary, you should lift it, using a gentle solution.

how to remove chocolate stains from carpet

Will Baking Soda Remove Fresh Chocolate Stains?

Dark chocolate colour or pigment makes staining deeper and tougher. Its hue might be noticeable, especially on a creamy or light-coloured carpet. Don’t be gutted because of the spills. Small, inevitable drips happen, yet the situation is not desperate. Has your minging stain not dried yet? Blot away as much moisture as possible.

Use a scoop and brush, kitchen or paper towel, therefore. Afterward, make a mild solution and test it beforehand on an inconspicuous carpet area. It should not contain bleach or any other harsh, toxic disinfectants. Natural household cleaning products work well on small stains.

Thus, bicarbonate of soda is an ideal cleaner for your cozy gaff. It helps you to:

  • freshen your carpet;
  • brightens its colour;
  • lift minging dark stains;
  • deodorize unpleasant odors;
  • disinfect the fibers and materials.

To deal with hot chocolate spills, sprinkle it with baking soda. Cover the stain completely and let it sit. Do it before bedtime and let it work. Baking soda absorbs grease, and in the morning, you can dab and rinse the area.

How Do You Get Dried Hot Chocolate Out of Carpet?

Greasy stains are difficult to remove. You can hoover the area to eliminate dirt and mud. It should not spread, making your cleaning task even trickier. Dirt and mud shouldn’t build up under your ace carpet. Have you used baking soda to clean it? Rinse it properly until its appearance becomes brilliant.

Baking soda doesn’t damage your posh carpet. It may scratch its underlay, laminate or wooden flooring. Are its abrasive particles harmful? They are completely safe. Yet, they should not quicken the tear and wear of your carpet fibers. Use not concentrated white vinegar to remove residual particles, rinse and blot the stained area dry.

Can old chocolate stains be removed? It’s difficult, but not impossible. To eliminate them:

  • check the carpet materials and composition;
  • choose a suitable carpet cleaner;
  • apply it to the stain;
  • rinse the soapy area and let it dry.

Natural and synthetic fibers require different approaches. Only a multi-purpose cleaning agent suits both of them. It combats bad stains and dirt buildup.


Hot chocolate is a scrummy healthy drink. It boosts your mood, soothing tension by the end of a long, stressful day. Of course, little accidents or drips and spills may happen. It shouldn’t miff you. Remove the stain quickly, using a suitable solution.

It might be cheap and cheerful, homemade yet efficient. Old, dried and bad stains require special treatment. An efficient carpet cleaner works on them. How do you remove hot chocolate from upholstery? The main stages are the same. You should not scrub or rub the stain in. Choose a suitable upholstery cleaner and apply it. It’s easy-peasy! A professional cleaning solution might cost a pretty penny. Yet, it’s cheaper than your bedroom renovation or purchase of a new carpet.

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