what pans for induction hob

What Pans Work on Induction Hob are Worth Buying?

Summer should be a fortunate season. Your energy bills are not as high as in winter. Now, you might afford a kitchen upgrade, installing an efficient cooking appliance. What pans for induction hob will you use? First of all, they should be compatible with the technology and your new, blinding hob. It doesn’t mean you should replace all of your practical cookware. A number of your favourite, old-shoe pans may suit the technology. Let’s think again about the way to check it, avoiding stacking up expanses. It’s a doddle if you know some tech-savvy tricks.

what pans for induction hob

Is My Hob Induction or Electric?

When summer starts, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, in the northwest of the UK, it happens only on the 20th-21th of June. Warm, comfortable weather with clearer spells is blinding. Moreover, the pressure on your family budget relieves.

Now, you can avoid heating, and your combi-boiler is not hyperphagic. Will you turn your air conditioner on? It could be absent, as it’s not necessary for the climate. If you are still using a traditional electric hob, it’s a wonky situation. The energy-sucking device takes a good part of your energy bills.

Are Induction Hobs Cheaper to Run?

In the UK, June is rich in events. It starts with a four-day bank holiday weekend. How did you spend it? In Lincoln, you would celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in a perfect setting. Yet, the holiday is not only an occasion to skive.

Last weekend, you could bring your own picnic to the Castle. How would you make it at home? Cooking on a ricky-tick, electric oven would miff you. It takes for yonks to heat up and boil water. Moreover, it uses up to 47% more energy in comparison with a modern induction device.

Should You Switch to Induction?

It seems that upgrading costs you a bomb. A posh innovative appliance might be a tad expensive. Will you present it to your Dad on Father’s Day? He might be rather conservative, preferring traditional technologies. A cup with a personal inscription or a pint of craft beer might be more opportune.

The open flame makes miracles. Yet, induction vs gas hob is:

  • cleaner;
  • more responsive;
  • safer;
  • eco-friendly and easier to use.

Safety control of gas appliances is a tad tricky. Your father would appreciate the quick start and stylish look of his new kitchen appliance. Unless he wears a pacemaker, an induction unit is the safest choice.

induction technology energy efficient

Is an Induction Technology Energy-efficient?

In summer, you may prefer open-flame cooking. A gas appliance allows charring and grilling. It’s a brilliant opportunity when you are going to have a picnic. If you open a window or two, harmful emissions don’t pollute the air in your kitchen. Running cost is a different story.

What is the difference between ceramic and induction hobs? First, the cooking surfaces look virtually the same. Both of them are modern, stylish and simple to clean. However, induction is still more efficient. It helps you use 90% of heat directly to the cooking food. A modern ceramic device uses only about 70%.

What Roasting Pans Work on Induction Hobs?

In summer, you may wish to head off on holiday. This year, our government has softened Covid restrictions. So travelling within the country is becoming easy-peasy. Where would you like to go? If you are on a student or young family budget, camping is fun. It’s not too comfortable, yet so romantic!

What about cooking? A compact, portable hob finds room in your caravan or car. Most importantly, it doesn’t take much space in your boot. Both ceramic and induction hobs suit the purpose. At least two or three pans are also necessary. Some of them might be bulkier and heavier than the hob itself.

What Pans Do I Need for My New Induction Hob?

A portable cooking device is the simplest to use. It requires no installation or wiring. Plug it into a suitable socket and cook your favourite dish. Both ceramic and induction units are commonly black and rectangular (or square).

Yet, an induction hob is much safer. Even if your cat accidentally jumps on the surface, he won’t melt his paws. Induction still works only with heavy-duty, strong pans. The heavy mass and thick bottom of every cookware piece are essential. It implies efficient heating. Certainly, you won’t take a pan to a flight due to the weight limit.

What Type of Roasting Pans for Induction Hob Will You Use?

In summer, your brilliant innovative hobs are a tad advantageous. They don’t make your cosy kitchen feel hot. Of course, every cooking pan produces residual heat. Yet, it doesn’t increase the indoor temperature in your gaff. It helps you to survive the scorching heatwaves easily.

The pans you place on your blinding new hob should consist of ferrous metals. That is classic cast iron and rust-resistant stainless steel. Both of them have decent heat conducting properties. Is it a wonky thing? The cookware pieces distribute and retain heat evenly. It prevents burning of your delicious food.

what roasting pans work on induction hobs uk

What Pans are Suitable for Eco-friendly Induction Hobs?

When you buy a brilliant, 4 or 5-zone appliance, you are jammy. If you like cooking, you get your easy, quick meals every day. As a savvy person, you spend less time in your kitchen. An ace induction appliance easily takes the stress out. Plenty of zones help you prepare any large or holiday meal.

Yet, you would have to wire the hob properly which is a tad tricky. Can you use normal pans on an induction hob? Some kind of your old-shoe cookware may not suit the purpose. A new set of brilliant, magnetic pans and pots could be necessary.

What Sort of Pans Work on Induction Hobs?

Do you like cooking a traditional English breakfast? It may include fried bread together with the essential sausages, eggs and mushrooms. Of course, it’s a doodle on your new, feature-rich hob. But, if you start working early in the morning, it’s like a miracle.

Yet, you must have a suitable pan to sear steaks or fry potatoes. Your ideal item should come with:

  • a thick base;
  • flat, smooth bottom;
  • magnetic properties;
  • reliable, safe-to-touch handles;
  • brilliant, non-stick surface.

Do you have plenty of modern, metallic cookware? All your pans may look virtually the same. The bottom thickness and weight makes difference.

Can You Use Heavy Induction Pans on a Ceramic Hob?

Do you think a large set of blinding, magnetic cookware costs a bomb? Yet, it’s a good investment. Induction pots are heat-resistant and extra-durable. They last for yonks, offering you high cooking performance. The pans you choose are versatile and user-friendly. Normally, they suit any other cooking surfaces.

Can you use induction pans on gas? Commonly, it does. The direct flame shouldn’t damage the sleek metallic pan bottoms. Use medium heat to prevent their warping. Yet, your reliable cookware might be too heavy for fragile and light ceramic glass hobs.

Can You Put Hot Things on Induction Hob?

If you pinch pennies this summer, don’t go spare. Buy a versatile, top-quality cookware set. Yet, it can’t be cheap and cheerful. However, it lasts for 2-3 decades. Their posh, sleek styles and user-friendly designs please you every day you cook.

Does your campsite have a gas hob or barbecue? Take your brilliant pans along. You know, an open flame may make its reflective surface dirty. Don’t put it on a cold counter at once after cooking. Let it cool down naturally. The surface of your modern hob doesn’t get hot. Yet, try not to damage it by careless handling.

can you put hot dishes on an induction hob

How to Use Neff Induction Hob without Magnet?

The appliances from the reliable German manufacturer are feature-rich and innovative. They offer you convenient and flexible cooking with brilliant touch control. They have wonderful functions, like:

  • auto-off;
  • child lock;
  • sliding control;
  • timer;
  • power boost.

Thanks to them, it’s easy to use every cooking zone. With flexible control, simmering, frying or boiling your scrummy food is easy-peasy. The temperature setting is fiddly, requiring some practice. It’s a tad slow to respond, yet, quite simple to use. The magnetic, TwistPad Fire knob is an ace feature. It’s removable, making your cleaning tasks simple.

Can I Use Any Saucepan on an Induction Hob?

A brilliant, new cooking surface doesn’t seem to be fragile. Its smooth surface consists of tempered glass that is tough and heat-resistant. Both smooth ceramic and sleek induction hobs have similar materials on the top.

Technically, cooking in any magnetic saucepan is possible on the surface. Yet, do it carefully. The scratch-resistant, ever-lasting glass may crack. It happens if you drop a heavy pan on the hob accidentally. So, place it carefully in the cooking zone without dragging. The bottom surface of your perfect cookware should be ideally smooth and clean.

Can I Use SS Saucepans on an Induction Hob?

Certainly, you shouldn’t place a hot lid on the innovative surface or use it as a cutting board. If you treat and clean the hop properly, it stays in ace shape for years. Try to wipe it at once as a spill happens.

All induction-friendly saucepans are compatible with the technology. But above all, their materials make a difference. Magnetic-grade stainless steel cookware pieces are a tad popular, for instance. They are long-lasting, durable and dishwasher-safe. Yet, your new pan must have heavy, reinforced bottoms and low nickel content.

Are Cast Iron Pans Good Enough to Work on Induction?

It might be your favourite material. If you like cooking, you won’t substitute it with anything else. Cast iron cookware helps you roast or fry food evenly. The meat or vegetables get a crisp crust, becoming scrummy and browned.

Every cast iron pan has a solid, thick bottom. The uncoated surface might be a tad rough or gritty. Place the pan on the hob carefully to prevent scratching. You would have to season it and wash it quickly by hand. Yet, cast iron is a metal, containing carbon steel and iron. It’s highly magnetic and, therefore, works with innovative induction very well.

does cast iron work on induction

Does Aluminium Work on Induction?

Unlike similarly-looking ceramic devices, induction hobs operate, using magnetism. They heat only the cookware surface that must be special. The technology recognizes ferrous metals, creating a magnetic field.

Will copper bottom pans work on an induction hob? Non-ferrous metals don’t suit the purpose. Your favourite old pans may contain:

  1. Copper.
  2. Brass.
  3. Nickel.
  4. Aluminium.

Would you try using them? It doesn’t damage your brilliant hob. Above all, it won’t work, remaining cold. The same happens to glass and ceramic baking pans. After all only the items that have flat ferrous bases heat up under magnetic field exposure.

How Does the Symbol for Induction Hob Pans Look?

Old and innovative cookware may look very similar. Even the shining and reflective stainless steel pot could be magnetic or not. Its bottom thickness, weight and metal composition make a difference.

How do you know it? Taking a magnet test in a store is not always convenient. So instead, have a gander at the pan’s bottom. There must be a symbol, looking like several loops of wire coils. You may also find the diagram on the packing and in the manual. If it’s available, the pot or pan is induction-friendly.

What Kind of Pan Should You Heat the Milk on Induction in, and Why?

Your wonderful hob is a tad quick. Yet, it may be slower when it goes about large amounts of liquid food. This is because the magnetic field heats only the bottom of the container. Its upper parts heat up by convection.

Therefore, use a special milk pan. The piece of cookware should be lightweight, stylish and small. It may have aluminium walls. Glass or ceramics are other blinding materials. A thick magnetic bottom is a must. These pans are ideal to cook pudding, heat hot chocolate or cocoa. Do it on medium heat, stirring the food frequently.

Can You Use Le Creuset on an Induction Hob?

The cookware from the famous French brand is brilliant. Their range includes grills, saucepans, pots, skillets and bakeware. All of them, apart from stoneware are versatile. There are stainless and cast iron items. The latter ones are colourful, enamelled, long-lasting and simple to maintain.

Won’t the new pan damage your innovative hob? Its ideally smooth bottom shouldn’t scratch the glass. Yet, as with any cast iron cookware piece, the pans are heavyweight. Lift them slightly any time you want to change the zone. Don’t slide them, and wash the pan’s bottom regularly.


An energy-saving and responsive induction hob is a good purchase. Does it cost a bomb? It pays its way. What about the installation cost? In summer, you don’t have to heat your gaff. So, you can afford it. A set of new, versatile cookware always comes in useful.

Your new roasting pans are beautiful. They may consist of shiny stainless steel or enamel-coated cast iron. Heavy weight and thick bottoms are essential to conduct a magnetic field. Is it a wasteful purchase? Not at all. The cookware set lasts for decades. It pleases you with a shiny look and versatile performance.

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