Can You Use Enamel Cookware on Induction Hobs?

The inductive generation differs from other generations, and cookware cannot be placed on certain materials because of the risk of scratching the surface. However, normal enamel cookware can be used for inductive outbreaks under specific conditions.

can you use enamel cookware on induction

What Cookware is Suitable for Induction Houses?

The house has one major drawback – careful selection of cookware. You may need to separate your favorite cookware to keep the coating intact.

Types of Cookware for Induction

  1. Cookware. Magnetic steel pots should be used. The enamel layer must be thick and the bottom absolutely flat.
  2. Cast iron. Finding flat-level cast iron cookware is difficult, although cuts from this material can be used. It would help if you said goodbye to your old pans.
  3. Aluminum. Pans of this material are often equipped with steel bottoms and are permitted to be used with hobs.
  4. Stainless steel. It is the best choice if possible because it is beautiful, durable, and easy to use.
  5. Glass. There is also glassware with iron metal bottoms designed specifically for induction cooking. Such kettles produce most are very fragile but look elegant.

The induction or glass ceramic generation requires special care and careful selection of cookware. Using the wrong cookware can change the food and the oven itself.

It certainly can’t tarnish or rot:). But improperly functioning cookware can damage the surface itself and then other appliances as well.

types of cookware for induction cooktops

Emile cookware for hobs

The first question housewives have is whether enamel cookware is suitable for inductive hobs since it is the most popular utensil in the kitchen. Unfortunately, only newer flat cookware can be used. Additionally, the more recent models do not have a hollow draft in the center, as opposed to older utensils that bounce off the fireplace for this feature.

If you do not want or have the financial means to purchase a new utensil, purchase a steel disc that meets your needs. They are suitable for glass, aluminum, and enamel cookware. Drag the disc onto the bottom of the pan, and it will warm up and begin to transfer heat to the main product.

Helpful Hints for Selecting Cookware Inductive Hobs

When selecting a pot, remember that the bottom should be the one that is heated. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a wider and lower pot because it heats faster. If you decide to purchase induction cooking, it is advisable to purchase all sets of appropriate cookware simultaneously to avoid many problems.


Only flat-bottom pots should be used. Otherwise, the product will make noise and rattle as it heats. For even food heating, cookware with a bottom thickness of approximately 2-5 mm should be used. Enameled kettles are the same option as pots. It is advisable to purchase carbonated steel products and induction bottoms. Do not use metal spoonfuls or spoons. Products with thin bottoms should be kept from the fireplace as they may change shape.

generation of induction hobs

It is important to pay attention to the symbols on the cookware, as only products with special illustrations are suitable for induction houses. Also, retain all receipts and warranty certificates after purchase until you are absolutely certain that the fireplace has adequately detected the cookware and that the food will not burn at the bottom of the cookware.

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