best way to clean upvc window frames

Do You Know What Best Way to Clean uPVC Window Frames UK?

best way to clean upvc window frames

Before Easter, a traditional spring clean is necessary. Do your windows look nice now? When the sun streams through them, it might show up minging winter dirt. Now, you must wash them to avoid judgements and worries. Knowing the best way to clean uPVC window frames, it’s a doddle. This tedious, time-consuming task won’t become a stomach-churning practice. The smooth, brilliant surface requires only a tad of minimal maintenance. If you have suitable cleaners, basic equipment and tools, it’s easy-peasy. Yet, you need to prevent surface damage and discolouration. Which modern cleaning method to prefer? Read the article and use the handy hips I mention below.

How to Clean PVC Window Frames?

Are you a house-proud person? If so, you would spend not less than 4 hours per week cleaning your house. Are you sick and tired of your household chores? 2-3 years ago, you would be too busy to clean your cosy home. A survey showed the majority of us did.

Long periods of lockdown might make a big difference. Anyway, time-saving methods and solutions are in request. What are the right, gentle ones? Let me remind them for you with a table.

How often do you wash your windows? You might do it once a year, as well as 6% of Britons. Otherwise, it would be a part of traditional deep cleaning. 84% of us do it regularly under the pressure of circumstances or public opinion. Time-saving options and gentle methods are necessary.

How Do You Clean uPVC Window Frames?

Nowadays, we might clean our homes less often than other nations. Commonly we do it when our gaffs become dusty. Warm-season and spring cleaning is a happy exception. In 2022, it should take place from the 25th of March till the 10th of April. Multiple communities in London, Kent and Derbyshire support the campaign.

It encourages us not only to improve the environment. Cleaning up the litter and our own homes is at pace. What about your cosy flat or house? Windows are its very important, visible areas. When to clean them? Choose a brilliant, warm and cloudy day.

Gash bright sunlight is unfavourable, as well as rain. It allows leaving streaks, hiding dirty spots. To clean your window frames:

  • vacuum the sills, using mini hoover attachments;
  • brush off the dust on the nooks;
  • use a gentle soapy solution;
  • wipe the frame;
  • let it dry.

Make sure to use soft, clean, natural cloth and a non-abrasive, mild cleaner. This way, your brilliant window frames remain scratch-free for yonks.

How Do You Clean White PVC Plastic?

Cleaning windows is a tedious but not elaborate task. You should wash the surface with vertical motions to avoid streaks. If you live in an old house with high ceilings, you might need a stepladder. A squeegee or a mop with a telescopic pole would be also necessary.

Its long handle helps you to reach the window top part and frame easily. Efficient washing solutions make the glass sparkly clean. Most importantly, ammonia-based cleaners don’t leave streaks. Yet, don’t use any glass cleaning products on your plastic window frames. They may damage or discolour their vulnerable surface.

What is the best, simple way to clean plastic windows? If you have these modern, neat-looking structures, you are jammy. Your ace, modern uPVC frames are:

  • durable;
  • easy-to-wipe and maintain;
  • sustainable;
  • airtight;
  • moisture-resistant.

BPF Federation states these options are very popular nowadays. The frames create ace thermal and sound insulation. It helps save energy, reducing your energy bills. Are these window frames crisp white? It would make you clean them every season and carefully.

How Do You Rejuvenate Your Old uPVC Window Sills and Frames?

White structures and frames are cheap and cheerful. They are more popular than darker colours due to tad lower prices. They match any house exterior, suiting your room design and furnishing. White, PVC window frames are versatile. They fit easily into any type of property, commercial or residential.

Yet, if you want these smooth, glossy surfaces to look fresh and bright, take some effort. Clean them every 2-3 months to eliminate visible dust and spots. Your weathered window frames may also yellow with age. How to restore their whiteness?

It’s a doddle if you use suitable tools and solutions. They may include:

  • hot water;
  • large old towels to protect your furniture and floor;
  • soft microfiber or cotton cloth;
  • specialist plastic or uPVC cleaner.

What do these plastic frames look like? Durable and lightweight, they withstand any weather conditions, remaining stable. Flexible polymer, UPVC material shows brilliant properties. Indeed, it has a layer of laminate finish (foil). Colourful surfaces are vulnerable to some chemicals and mistreatments.

Can You Use Liquid White Vinegar on UPVC?

White window frames look brilliant and festive. Their smooth surface is easy to wipe. Commonly, it’s enough to keep these ace structures clean. If you do it every season or month, it’s a doddle. Haven’t you washed your windows for yonks? If you do it only once a year, in spring, stubborn stains may appear.

If dust and grease build up on the ace plastic surface, delicate cleaning would be not enough. How would you get them off? Anyway, don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive tools on them. Avoid:

  • scouring or rough pads (sponges);
  • abrasive powders and cream;
  • baking or caustic soda;
  • harsh chemicals like bleach.

What is your best product to clean UPVC? Dedicated uPVC cleaners work wonders. Above all, they are efficient to eliminate stubborn dirt from the smooth, polymeric surface. These washing-up liquids restore the gone frame whiteness, polishing its smooth surface. Do you look after the pennies now, saving even on detergents? Use homemade vinegar solution. The acidic liquid won’t damage the chemical-resistant uPVC surface. Dilute one cup of the liquid in a large bucket of lukewarm water, and it works magic.

Can You Use Sugar Soap on uPVC Window Frames?

The chemical resistance of the ace plastic surface is not absolute. Harsh chemicals like bleach, WD-40 or paint thinners are not safe on it. They would discolour the brilliant smooth surface of the frames. These toxic substances make plastic dull or even melt its glossy top layer.

Yet, in emergency situations, try to use sugar soap. A good dilute solution of the cleaning product helps you to:

  • get nicotine stains off the frame;
  • clean minging black mould off the surfaces;
  • degrease the surface;
  • brighten the yellowed white frames.

Is the powder toxic? It commonly consists of sodium hydroxide (or sodium carbonate) and organic solvent. Yet, it may cause eye damage or skin burns. Therefore, wear gloves, goggles and a respirator before using it. Open the windows to ventilate the space.

Cover the sills, your furniture and floor with large dustsheets or towels. Dilute a tad of sugar soap in lukewarm water. Apply the solution on the spots and leave it for 5 minutes to react. Wipe the surface thoroughly with a damp, then dry cloth.


In spring, when the sun becomes brighter, you should clean your snug home. It’s necessary to do it several times a year, especially before Easter. Window washing is an important part of your annual deep cleaning. How do you do it? If you have efficient cleaning products and tools at hand, it’s a doddle.

Knowing the secrets of correct cleaning methods is also helpful. Do your old window frames consist of durable uPVC plastic? Their ace, brightly-white surface should be smooth, easy to wipe. Yet, it requires delicate treatment, with water and natural or dedicated cleaners. This way, you rejuvenate its whiteness, making the surface shine and last for yonks.

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