how to get pollen out of clothes

How to Get Pollen Stains out of Clothes?

how to get pollen out of clothes

If you love flowers, you may decorate your home with lovely bouquets. Do you like gardening? In July and August, you may grow roses, orchids, or gerberas. Yet, minging accidents happen. How to get pollen out of clothes? It’s a pleasure to sniff your favorite flowers. Let me say the smell of roses is pleasant and relaxing. It makes you breathe deeper and feel happy. But, other beautiful flowers spread large amounts of dusty pollen. Bright orange stains on your new white blouse might make you go spare. How do you remove them successfully? Stay on my page, and I’ll blow the gaff to you.

Do Pollen Stains Come Out?

Spring, with its brilliant bloom, is already over. Do you suffer from hay fever? You might feel a tad better in July. Yet, summer is going ahead. It offers you many bright, sunny days to enjoy. Do you like spending time outdoors, visiting gorgeous parks and gardens? It’s a delightful, family-friendly activity.

Unfortunately, in July, weed pollen season is in full swing. It starts at the end of June and lasts till September. Warm, humid, and windy weather conditions enhance the effect. Entering your home, the colourful dusty powder would be tricky to remove.

Does Water Wash off Pollen?

In summer, it’s commonly sunny and warm outdoors. However, when the temperatures reach 25-27 degrees C (77-80 ºF), you are to survive the heat. Will you keep the windows open at night? It makes your house feel cooler.

Yet, try to keep bugs and pollen out of your home by:

  • installing window screens;
  • keeping the doors closed in the evenings and mornings;
  • changing your dusty curtains;
  • cleaning and hoovering the surfaces regularly.

Nevertheless, wet cleaning is helpful. Apply it to smooth surfaces, like the floor. The pollen spots on clothes are dusty. Try to shake them off initially instead of wetting the spots.

Can Pollen Stick to Clothes?

Gardening is an enjoyable activity that is a tad popular in Britain. If you love nature, it might be a kind of passion for you. Yet, gardening is a messy activity. Grass or muddy stains could dye your delicate fabrics naturally. So does the colourful flower pollen.

Will you replace the plants in your garden? Low-pollen flower versions might be not so beautiful. Try to dry your practical clothes inside. Wash them regularly to keep the grass pollen out. If you buy and bring beautiful flowers like freesias or orchids at home, try to treat them carefully.

does water wash off pollen

How Long Does Pollen Stick to Clothes?

When you get a beautiful bouquet, you are jammy. If there is no special occasion in July, it’s even more pleasant. Yet, where do you put your blinding gift? Some flowers, like lilies or orchids, have strong scents. If you keep them in your bedroom, you may get a headache in the morning.

Moreover, their anthers contain powdery pollen. If you touch it, it stains your fingers. What about your posh clothing or a brilliant tablecloth? Getting on the natural fabric, it settles into the fibres immediately. So, you must act quickly and accurately to remove it.

How to Get Dusty Pollen out of Carpet?

In spring and summer, pay more time and attention to your regular cleaning. Do it carefully, especially if you suffer from an allergy. Wash the floor and all surfaces around the door and windows. What about your posh, fluffy carpets? In summer, they collect pollen, dust and dirt from the air.

They act like magnets, attracting and showing dirt. Shall you remove your favourite carpets, at least for the peak pollen months? If you still like their look and feel, clean them several times a week. Your basic task is to lift pollen and dust, preventing them from settling profoundly into the fibers.

Is It OK to Vacuum Pollen?

In summer, you should care about your posh carpet especially thoroughly. Hoover it as often as you find any time for your household chores. If you have messy pets or little children, do it 2-3 times a week. Proper vacuuming helps you to keep your house healthy and hygienic.

Have you got any minging stains on your posh carpet? Try to recollect the details of the accident. If the spill contains lily pollen, hoover the carpet area immediately. The powdery substance is dusty. So, you shouldn’t rub or wet the spot but lift the dust easily. Again, a hoover with its powerful suction is helpful.

can you vacuum up pollen

How to Get Plant Pollen Out of Your Clothing Naturally?

Plant and weed pollen is dusty but sticky. If you have just had an accident, don’t waste your precious time. Try not to touch the substance. Don’t rub or scrub the stain. It would push the powder deeper into the fibres, making it difficult to remove later.

What can you do at the moment? Try to:

  • shake your posh or practical clothes off;
  • pull the dry pollen out, using a sticky tape;
  • hoover it off;
  • make it fade under direct sunlight.

All of these methods are simple and efficient. They are helpful in emergency situations.

How to Remove Bright Lily Pollen Stains from Furniture?

In summer, you should clean your rooms regularly. Hoover all the surfaces thoroughly. It includes hard flooring, linoleum, and especially, carpeting. What is the reason? Air pollution levels might be a tad high, especially in urban areas.

Dust particles from the air may accumulate on all surfaces in your snug house. Commonly, they include sand, soil, dust, ash and lightweight weed pollen. Has the substance from flowers fallen to the table or a kitchen countertop? If it’s dry, wiping it with a clean cloth is a doddle. Upholstery that is not removable could be tricky to clean.

The Nature of Pollen and Grass Stains

Being powdery, pollen might be tricky to remove. In the early stages, at once after the accident, it’s easy peasy. However, it may become permanent when the stain gets wet and dries out. Does it have a bright orange colour? Pollen, like grass stains, are “combination substances”.

They contain natural dyes and organic matter like proteins. Yet, the sky is the limit for a house-proud person. How to get hot chocolate out of carpet? After a great national or personal holiday, both types of stains may remain. You would need to get the right efficient cleaners to remove them.

Cleaning and Washing Practices

Your daily household cleaning tasks might be difficult and time-consuming. Yet, you can use natural cleaning agents to expedite them. For example, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are efficient. They work on kitchen surfaces, carpets and furniture upholstery. These cheap and cheerful items remove even the most stubborn stain successfully.

Use a hoover with an open nozzle or sticky tape to remove the dusty substance. Apply dissolved white vinegar on the spot and let it sit. But, of course, your fashionable, posh clothes are a different story. Please treat them carefully and and wash only using efficient detergents or stain removers.

How Do You Get Lily Pollen Stains out of Clothes?

In summer, you may like to spend more time outdoors. Your little munchkins have a break at school. So, you can have a brilliant family-friendly trip together. If you go to the countryside, enjoy the smell and sight of wildflower meadows. Which species do you like most?

The list may include white ramsons or tender blue columbines. Each of them produces pollens and distributes seeds. These substances stick to your practical shoes and clothes. Thus, change your footwear and trousers as soon as you come home. Use a lint roller or sticky tape to remove the mess. Put the dirty clothing straight into your washer.

can you get lily pollen stains out of clothes

How to Get Messy Lily Pollen out of Clothes after Washing?

In your garden, you would cultivate blinding domesticated flowers. Which ones do you prefer? In Britain, the most popular species include:

  • roses;
  • tulips;
  • freesias;
  • sunflowers;
  • gerberas.

Lilies may become your favourite delight. They have large, gorgeous flowers and sturdy, tall stems. But, most importantly, flowers last up to a fortnight in a vase. What an exotic luxury in your snug home! The distinct, strong aroma of lilies is pleasing. But, how to take care of lilies in vase? Yet, these elegant flowers are messy sometimes. They have heavy, fat-soluble pigments. Have you touched them with your fingers? They cause bright, orange or yellow stains on your skin and clothes. Soaking in cold water may be inefficient.

Does the Dryer Remove Pollen?

After sniffing the lilies, you might notice bright stains on your summer clothes. Have you already touched or rubbed the mark with your fingers? Reacting with your natural skin oil, it may penetrate deeper into the fibres. Will the stain become permanent, therefore?

Don’t get miffed, as you still can remove it, using cold water. It shouldn’t be hot, as pollen contains some organic proteins. Soaking in water for half an hour, the bright stain should fade. Hasn’t it disappeared? Anyway, don’t expose the spots to high heat. Air-dry your blouse or T-shirt in any room area indoors.

How Do You Get Yellow Stains out of White Clothes?

In summer, you might prefer lightweight, breathable clothing. What do you usually wear at home and outdoors? It could be breathable cotton, smooth silk or practical polyester. All of these fibres withstand soaking in lukewarm water pretty well. Turn the item inside out and pour some tap water into the stain.

It should draw the dirt out. In about an hour, put your fashionable piece of clothing into your washer. The type of detergent makes difference. Mild, gentle and harsh, bleaching agents are available. Your choice depends on the colour and type of fabric.

What Removes Pollen from Delicate Clothes?

Your fresh lily pollen stains may contain carotenoids. These bright orange or yellow pigments are tricky to remove. Fortunately, the organic substance is photosensitive. It doesn’t withstand exposure to natural UV light. This method could be a tad useful in the sunny summer months.

What would you use when the weather is rainy and wet? Any top-quality detergent should work on the stains. It contains enzymes that break down the stains. They are efficient if the pollen hasn’t sunk deep into the fibres yet. These agents split large molecules of proteins and fat into smaller parts and wash them away. Yet, they may not work on old, tough pollen marks.

What Will Dissolve Pollen?

Most types of glass or weed pollen are water-soluble. They are easy to wash out like dust. Heavy orange pigments are a different story. How do you treat them? Your helpful household items like vinegar or hydrogen peroxide might be not efficient.

Remember that harsh chlorine bleach may weaken or damage your delicate fabrics. Besides, surgical spirit or vodka works only on colourfast or white clothes. It may cause discoloration. But, are there any useful methods? Mrs. Hitch advises using shaving foam to remove orange lily pollen from carpets. For clothes, a high-performance stain remover is necessary.

does vanish remove lily pollen

Does Vanish Remove Lily Pollen?

Old or tough pollen stains shouldn’t become permanent, damaging your favourite posh clothing. An efficient stain remover cleans it perfectly well. It suits all kinds of coloured and white fabrics. Of course, if you like, try to test it on an inconspicuous (seam) area initially.

The agent doesn’t cause fading but brightens your old-shoe pieces of clothing. How does it work? Every signature liquid or powder contains a brilliant OxiClean ingredient. It’s safe and non-toxic. Yet, it breaks the minging substances down, oxidizing your cool tap water. These tiny bubbles make miracles, renewing your dirty wardrobe staple.


You might adore flowers and gardening like all nature-loving people. Yet, your outdoor trips and activities require practical, versatile clothes. Change them when you get home. Of course, you can keep a lovely bouquet in your snug living room. Unfortunately, it decorates it, causing minging accidents.

Bright yellow pollen stains may stick to your practical or posh pieces of clothing. Anyway, you can remove them successfully.

Solution 1.When the powder is still dry, shake it off or lift using top-quality sticky tape.

Solution 2.  – If the stain is a tad older, soak the clothes in cool water. Then, wash them as usual and keep them air dry in direct sunlight.

Solution 3.  – A special, efficient stain remover like Vanish dissolves the toughest stains. With a suitable product, it’s easy peasy. It takes 5-10 minutes to break down the stain. Moreover, it’s non-toxic and safe, causing no allergy or any other health issues.

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